(509) Student Trainers & Managers

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Updated 09/12


Student Managers

Student Managers are an integral part of Kansas Athletics. The purpose of the Kansas Athletics Student Manager Program is to support the University of Kansas intercollegiate varsity teams. Each varsity sports team is assigned at least one student manager. Student managers assist the teams in many different ways so that players can concentrate on playing and coaches can focus on coaching. In addition, this Program is designed to give students valuable work experience being part of an intercollegiate sports team, as well as give financial assistance to students selected for participation. Student managers can be hired at any time in their undergraduate years at the University of Kansas but it is anticipated that most student managers will begin the program during their first or second year at the University.

Kansas Athletic Student Managers are permitted to work up to 30 hours a week while school is in session and up to 40 hours a week while school is out of session. This is a University of Kansas policy.

Student Athletics Trainers

Athletic Training students also play an integral role at Kansas Athletics. The Athletic Training Educational Program’s role within Kansas Athletics is to support the certified athletic trainer covering one of the University of Kansas intercollegiate varsity teams. Each varsity sports team/clinical site will be assigned at least one athletic training student.

The Director of Sports Medicine will assign all athletic training students and graduate assistant athletic trainers. The Director of Sports Medicine along with the Clinical Education Coordinator at KU shall make specific sport assignments on an annual basis. This rotational policy provides the athletic training student with a sound experience for improvement of overall knowledge and skills in the field of athletic training and sports medicine.

Miscellaneous – Tickets, Travel

A. Tickets – All Student Managers and Student Athletic Trainers are eligible for one complimentary student combo ticket package providing access to all Kansas Athletics sponsored home contests. Entry is subject to the attendance limits for each respective facility, therefore admission is not guaranteed.

B. Travel – Team travel is a privilege, not a right. Travel for student managers and athletic trainers will be determined on a sport to sport basis by the coaches and sport supervisors.