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Updated 01/13


Athlete Agent Policy

Kansas Athletics has established procedures for registration of athlete agents to assist student- athletes at the University of Kansas in dealing with persons who seek to represent them as an “athlete agent” in contract negotiations with professional sports teams. These procedures are also designed to ensure that the student-athletes protect their eligibility for as long as they wish to pursue collegiate athletics.

The following actions are considered activities or conduct of agents:

  • Negotiating compensation and/or other benefits for the University of Kansas student- athletes in contract negotiations with professional sports teams;
  • The giving of advice, counsel and information to University of Kansas student-athletes in the context of negotiating with or preparing for negotiations with professional sports teams;
  • Making representations as to a person’s competence, skill or ability to negotiate on behalf of, to determine the potential professional worth of, or to otherwise represent a student- athlete in the context of soliciting individual University of Kansas student-athletes to become clients; or
  • Any other activity or conduct which directly bears upon the athlete agent’s integrity, competence, or ability to properly represent University of Kansas student-athletes in contract negotiations.

Governing Authorities

NCAA rules (Bylaw 12.3.1. 12.3.2, and 12.3.3) and the Kansas Uniform Athlete Agent Act (KSA Chapter 44, Article 15) govern the rules and procedures for athlete agent conduct and registration.

Requirements for Athlete Agent Registration

Any person desiring to obtain registration as an athlete agent must first register with the State of Kansas. Upon completion of the state registration process, the athlete agent must contact the Compliance Office at Kansas Athletics and complete a Kansas Athletics’ Athlete Agent Application for Registration Form.

An agent registered under this policy agrees to:

  1. Abide by all state, NCAA, Conference, and University rules and regulations (including this policy), which cover agent activities and conduct.
  2. Register with the Kansas Athletics’ Compliance Office prior to contacting student- athletes.
  3. Obtain the proper license issued by the State of Kansas.
  4. Conduct him/herself in a manner to:
    1. Provide honest, lawful, ethical and effective representation to student-athletes;
    2. Avoid conflicts of interest that may compromise the interests of student-athletes;
    3. Avoid any involvement of student-athletes or others in actions that may jeopardize student-athletes’ eligibility under Kansas, NCAA, Conference, and/or University rules and/or subject the University harm;
    4. Avoid providing or offering to provide anything of value to a student-athlete or another person in return for support of the agent’s selection by the student-athlete; and
    5. Provide current and accurate information including, but not limited to, the agent’s professional credentials, clients, or services, to Kansas Athletics, University of Kansas student-athletes, and their families and friends.

E. Indemnify and hold Kansas Athletics, the University of Kansas, the State of Kansas and its Board of Regents harmless from any damages or claims arising from his/her activities as an agent or prospective agent for the University of Kansas student-athletes.

Action on Applications

The Kansas Athletics Associate Athletics Director/Compliance and Corporate Counsel will determine whether to grant or deny the registration or to seek additional information from the applicant. Grounds for denial shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Prior conduct of the applicant involving fraud, misrepresentation, embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, or theft;
  • Prior conduct of the applicant involving violations of NCAA, Big 12 Conference, professional league, players’ association, state, or University rules, including this policy;
  • Making false or misleading statements in the Application for Registration; or
  • Any other conduct which adversely affects the competence, credibility or integrity of the applicant in serving as an athlete agent to University of Kansas student-athletes.

In the event that an applicant is denied registration pursuant to this section, Kansas Athletics will take appropriate action to discourage contact between its student-athletes and the applicant concerning matters of athlete agent representation.

Upon approval of an applicant’s registration form, the athlete agent will receive a written notice of registration. The applicant will then be considered a registered athlete agent at the University of Kansas with the benefits and responsibilities outlined in this policy.

  1. Such notice is not an endorsement or recommendation of the agent by the University or Kansas Athletics nor is it evidence of an agent’s qualifications and abilities to represent student-athletes.
  2. Acceptance of registration shall not be considered to confer liability upon Kansas Athletics or the University of Kansas for any acts or conduct of the person, whether or not such acts or conduct fall within the activities governed by this policy.
  3. Approved registration is only valid for the agent to whom it is issued.
  4. Agents must update and verify the accuracy of their registration information every two years.