(511) Practice Players

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New 10/2011


Prior to the start of the competitive season or practice season, the Head Coach and the Sport Supervisor must approve the use of practice players and shall determine a team’s maximum number of practice players. The deadline for determination of practice players is as follows:

1. August 1 for the competition season or January 1 for spring practice for Soccer and Volleyball
2. September 30 for women’s basketball and other women’s sports desiring to use practice players

Practice players who meet the following requirements may be permitted to participate:

1. Be approved by the Head Coach to participate.2. Be approved by the Compliance Office prior to practicing with designated team. This approval is contingent on the following:

a. Must be a full time enrolled undergraduate or graduate KU student unless meet the qualifications for an exception as determined by the Compliance Office;
b. Must be within his 5 years of eligibility to participate;
c. Must register and be deemed a qualifier according to the NCAA Eligibility Center in order to participate (Freshman Only);
d. Must complete required paperwork and NCAA required rules education session; and
e. Compliance must receive confirmed confirmation from the Director of Eligibility that all the above is complete through a Certified Practice and Compete Report.

3. Practice Players must provide proof of personal or parental health insurance in order to cover any practice related injuries. Kansas Athletics will not provide health care coverage to practice players.4. All potential practice players must undergo a medical examination by a Kansas Athletics Sports Medicine team physician prior to participation. The pre-participation examination shall include testing for Sickle Cell as well as a cardiac screening. If any of these tests show a need for additional evaluation, it shall be at the practice player’s expense.

No athletics financial aid or compensation shall be provided by Kansas Athletics for participation as a practice player.