(601D) Kansas Athletics Staff: Benefits

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Updated 7/05


Health and Dental Insurance

Kansas Athletics participates in a group health and dental insurance program. When an eligible employee is initially appointed, group health and dental insurance for the employee will begin on the first day of the month following his/her initial employment. When an employee terminates employment, the employee is insured with the group health and dental insurance through the end of the month the employee terminates. Federal regulations (COBRA) allow the terminated employee to continue health and dental benefits at their own expense. See the Director of Human Resources for more information.

Kansas Athletics health and dental insurance premiums are paid under the IRS premium conversion clause and are “pre-tax” deductions. Employees may request post-tax deductions, if desired.

Life Insurance

Kansas Athletics provides a Group Term life insurance policy for each benefit eligible employee. This insurance begins on the first day of the month following an employee’s hire date and terminates at midnight on the last day of employment.

Accidental Death and Disability Insurance

Kansas Athletics provides accidental death and disability insurance for benefit eligible employees. The amount of coverage provided will be announced each year with the employee given the option of increasing coverage for him/her and/or his/her spouse by paying an additional premium.

Social Security

All employees are required to participate in the Social Security program. Kansas Athletics and each employee share in contributions to this program in accordance with federal rules and regulations.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Kansas Athletics employees are covered under the worker’s compensation insurance program maintained by Kansas Athletics. The purpose of this program is to compensate employees for work-incurred “accidental” injuries and “occupational diseases.” Prompt reporting (within 24 hours of any work-related injury) to the Director of Human Resources is required for all on-the-job accidents.

IRS Section 125, “Cafeteria Plan”

This flexible benefits plan allows an employee to pay childcare and un-reimbursed medical expenses with “pre-tax” dollars. The benefit year is July 1 through June 30. Changes are not allowed during the benefit year except for IRS defined qualifying events. Additional information is available from the Director of Human Resources.

Retirement Programs

Participation by benefits eligible employees in Kansas Athletics retirement program is mandatory after twelve (12) months of continuous service. Previous participation by the employee in a public retirement program entitles the new employee to immediate eligibility. Contributions to this program are made by the employee (5.5 percent of gross monthly wages) and matched by Kansas Athletics (8.5 percent of gross monthly wages).

All employees may participate in Kansas Athletics voluntary retirement program. The employee makes total contributions to this program.

Educational Benefits

As a leader in education, the University of Kansas encourages staff to increase their knowledge and skill levels through continuing education. In support of this, Kansas Athletics offers tuition reimbursements for certain job-related courses based on available funds.

In general, to receive approved tuition reimbursements the proposed course must provide skill or knowledge that will improve the employee’s job performance, as well as meet the programmatic and operational needs of Kansas Athletics. This may include acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary for advancement and/or career development needs. The courses may be required by the supervisor as a part of the employee’s job duties or may be authorized without specifically being required. Prior approval is required by the employee’s supervisor and the Associate Director of Athletics/Internal Affairs.

Full-time athletics staff members who wish to participate in the University of Kansas Employee Tuition Assistance Program must apply to the university committee offering the program and must be selected to participate based on its standard criteria. Those staff members selected by the university committee will have their part-time tuition paid by Kansas Athletics. Deadlines for application to the university committee are published each semester in The Oread.

Employees are not to take academic courses for credit during their regular work schedule, without the prior approval of their supervisor and the Director of Athletics.

Additional Benefits

Additional benefits are available through payroll deduction. See Director of Human Resources for more information.

Kansas Athletics reserves the right to modify any benefit plans, except those established by statutory authority, at any time, with or without advance notice to the employees.