(601E) Kansas Athletics Staff: Holidays

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Updated 7/05


Holidays and Discretionary Day Kansas Athletics staff members receive paid holidays established by Kansas Athletics, which generally are the same as those established for University of Kansas employees. A listing of holidays will be sent prior to the beginning of each new year. Full-time staff will be provided with an additional “discretionary day” for observance of a special occasion, or to accommodate those who desire to observe a religious holiday of choice. Employees must work for Kansas Athletics for six months before a discretionary holiday may be taken. The discretionary day must be used during the calendar year (January 1 – December 31) or it will be lost. State paid employees must take their discretionary day prior the date of the last payroll period for December.

Additionally, staff members may request time off from work to observe religious holidays which are not designated as University holidays. However, such time off must be charged to personal leave, earned annual leave or designated as time off without pay.

Part-time employees receive prorated holidays and pay according to their regular work schedules.

Accrual of Holiday Credits

Non exempt, benefit eligible employees required to work on any holiday are granted a compensatory day for the holiday.

Holiday Wage Compensation

When a designated holiday occurs during an employee’s approved leave with pay, the day is counted as a holiday and not charged against the employee’s sick or vacation leave.