(601I) Kansas Athletics Staff: Parking

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The University of Kansas Parking Department administers and controls the University-wide parking program through the issuance of parking permits. All KUAC personnel must comply with University parking regulations. The regulations governing the registration, operation and parking of vehicles on the University campus are available in booklet form from the Parking Department, located at 1501 Irving Hill Road, phone 864-PARK or on-line at http://www.ku.edu/~parking/. Employees who are employed by KUAC for at least half-time, may arrange with the payroll coordinator to purchase their parking passes with pre-tax dollars and have direct withdrawal of the expense from their paychecks.

Athletic Event Parking

Parking for athletics events is coordinated by the Assistant Director of Athletics for Facilities and Events. Traffic flow and parking are controlled by game day management staff and supplementary security.

Additional information related to athletic event parking is contained in Policy 705B, Athletic Events: Parking.