(601R) Staff Advisory Board (SAB)

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Updated 4/16                                                                                                                   601R


The Staff Advisory Board’s (SAB) purpose is to enrich the workplace experience and reinforce the sense of community for every member of the Kansas Athletics family.

I.          Policies

1.         The activities of SAB shall not prejudice or discredit the interests of the University of Kansas or of Kansas Athletics.

2.         SAB shall not endorse any commercial enterprise or candidate.

3.         SAB shall not seek to direct the administration of Kansas Athletics or to control its policies.

4.SAB may cooperate with other community or educational organizations, provided that SAB representatives make no commitments binding SAB.

5.The SAB shall fall under the auspices of the Director of Human Resources and the Chair shall inform the Director of activities and discussions occurring during SAB meetings.

6.The SAB shall meet at least quarterly each year.

II.        Membership

1.         The following constituent groups at Kansas Athletics are authorized a direct SAB representative.  The supervisor appointing the SAB representative is in parentheses following each position:

Administration (Athletics Director); ex officio
Administrative Assistants (Senior Associate AD/SWA);
Anderson Family Football Complex (Sport Supervisor/Football);
Assistant Coaches (Senior Associate AD);
Business Office (Chief Financial Officer);
Compliance (Senior Associate Athletics Director/Compliance);
Equipment Room (Assistant Athletics Director/Equipment Services);
Facilities (Associate Athletics Director/Facilities);
Head Coaches (Senior Associate AD/SWA);
Human Resources (Director of Human Resources); ex officio
Marketing (Associate AD/ Creative Services);
Media Relations (Associate AD/Creative Services);
Strength and Conditioning (Senior Associate AD/SWA);
Student-Athlete Development (Associate AD/Student Development);
Student Athlete Support Services (Associate AD/Student Athlete Support Services);
Ticket Office (Director, Ticket Operations);
Training Room (Asst. AD/ Director of Sports Medicine);
Williams Education Fund (Senior Associate AD/ WEF);
Rock Chalk Video (Associate AD//Creative Services)

2.         Members shall serve for one two year term.  Terms of the members shall be staggered, with one-half of the members being appointed each year.  Terms shall run from July 1 through June 30 of the following year.  Should a member be unable to fulfill his/her duties during his/her term, a replacement shall be appointed by the appropriate Supervisor (listed above) and the replacement shall serve out the original term of appointment.  No member, other than ex officio members, can serve more than two terms in each five year period.

III.       Duties of Members

1.         All SAB members shall be expected to attend scheduled meetings and participate in activities as endorsed and supported by SAB.  Members are further expected to convey information to or survey their constituent group as needed or requested by SAB.  Should a member be unable to attend a meeting, he or she may send a replacement representative from the same constituent group to attend.

2.         SAB will seek internal and external activities in order to create departmental cohesion and to create a positive image within the community.  Examples of such activities can include the following:  community food drives; holiday giving tree; community service activities, including Habitat for Humanity; staff Spring Fling; ordering food for all  staff gathering; United Way representation.

IV.       Chairperson and Secretary

1.         A Chairperson shall be elected annually at the first meeting of each term.  The Chairperson shall schedule and preside over all meetings of SAB and prepare an agenda before each meeting. The Chairperson shall coordinate special staff events as well as assist members with external activities. The Chair shall keep the Director of Human Resources informed of activities and discussions occurring during SAB meetings.

2.         A Vice Chairperson shall be elected annually at the first meeting of each term.  The Vice Chairperson shall preside over meetings in the absence of the Chairperson and shall assist the Chairperson with staff events and activities.

3.         A Secretary shall be elected annually at the first meeting of each term.  The Secretary shall prepare minutes of the prior meeting and shall keep a record book of all information for the Organization.

V.        Monthly Newsletters

Monthly newsletters shall be sent electronically to all employees.  The newsletters shall provide information to all employees, highlight employee anniversaries of service and employee birthdays, and spotlight a department.  In addition, monthly tips for staff may be included from different departments.  New employees should also be introduced.  Other information can be added as directed by administration.

The Communications Department shall oversee the preparation of a monthly employee newsletter.

VI.       Subcommittees

Subcommittees may be formed upon the recommendation of department leadership or at the discretion of the SAB.  Members may volunteer their services for any subcommittee.