(601W) Kansas Athletics Staff: Furloughs and Temporary Salary Reductions

NEW: 5/2020

This policy establishes the general plan for furloughs and temporary salary reductions if they need to be implemented in times of budgetary constraints. Other savings options are to be considered before implementing these measures.

This policy applies to all Kansas Athletics employees.

Policy Statement
Furloughs and temporary salary reductions may be imposed for a variety of reasons. In times of budgetary constraints or reduction, including situations that do not yet constitute financial exigency, Kansas Athletics may take actions affecting the pay and/or the appointments of employees and may furlough coaches, staff, and/or student employees for a specified time period or may invite voluntary leaves without pay.
Implementation of any furlough or temporary salary reduction will be guided by the reason for the budgetary constraint or reduction.

Responding to Anticipated Revenue Reductions
Furloughs and temporary salary reductions will be based on a specific, required budgetary reduction amount and will be applied in order to achieve those temporary savings during a specified time period. The reduction amount may be modified during the period of budgetary constraint as the fiscal situation changes, resulting in a change to the required furloughs or temporary salary reductions.

If voluntary leave without pay is taken by a coach or staff member, that time and/or salary savings will be considered in satisfying any subsequent mandatory furlough or temporary salary reduction requirements.

Furloughs and/or temporary salary reductions will be based on salary tiers. Coaches and staff making higher base annual salaries will be assigned a larger proportion of the financial impact than those making lower salaries. The calculation of required furlough days/hours and/or percent of temporary salary reduction associated with salary tiers will be described in an implementation plan for the specific furlough period. To the extent possible, the furlough and temporary salary reduction plan will be broadly disseminated prior to its implementation.

To the extent possible during a furlough time period, coaches and staff will be allowed to choose the timing of furlough days/hours and/or temporary salary reductions provided such time away works with department and sport schedule needs. No form of paid leave can be substituted for furlough days/hours or temporary salary reductions.

Departmental supervisors/managers will work with coaches and staff to identify in advance what furlough days/hours or temporary salary reduction will be taken during the furlough period and to maintain effective operations and services. Departmental supervisors/managers will be required to plan staff furlough time in a manner that allows for essential services to be provided. Department Heads are responsible for ensuring that the requisite furloughs or temporary reductions in salary are taken within and reported for units reporting to them.

In accordance with the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, non-exempt staff may take furloughs in day or hourly increments, and they will record furlough days or hours when reporting hours worked. Non-exempt staff are not allowed to work during the furlough days/hours chosen, nor are they allowed to work overtime hours during the week in which furlough days/hours are taken.

FLSA Exempt coaches and staff may choose to take furlough days or a temporary salary reduction consistent with the implemented furlough/salary reduction plan. If they elect to take furlough days, exempt coaches and staff will be considered as non-exempt for the work week in which the furlough occurs. They are not allowed to work during the furlough days chosen or to work overtime hours during the week in which furlough days are taken. They will report furlough days taken through the same mechanism that they report leave taken. Exempt coaches and staff who choose to take a temporary reduction in salary will continue to be treated as FLSA exempt.

Furloughs and temporary salary reductions will be implemented so as to minimize negative effects on benefits to the extent possible.

Special Circumstances
Employees with a visa type H-1B may not be furloughed.