(602A) NCAA and Conference Regulations Review

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As mandated by the NCAA, the Chancellor of the University of Kansas ensures that an annual review of applicable NCAA and Big 12 Conference regulations is conducted for all Kansas Athletics coaches, administrative staff members (as appropriate) and student-athletes.


The University of Kansas is committed to conducting its overall intercollegiate sports program according to the official rules and regulations of the NCAA and the Big 12 Conference. These rules and regulations impact the operations of the intercollegiate athletics program in three (3) main areas: intercollegiate athletic competition, activities affecting the amateur status of student-athletes, and the administrative and financial operations of Kansas Athletics.

Coaches are integrally involved in the above mentioned areas of Kansas Athletics operations, and as such, must be familiar with all rules which either directly or indirectly affect the administration of their particular sport including rules for the following: recruiting, eligibility, academics, athletically related financial aid, post season play, scheduling, and all other areas involving student-athletes. This is essential, not only to prevent coaches from committing violations themselves, but to enable them to instruct and monitor student-athletes in matters under the jurisdiction of the NCAA or Big 12 Conference. Additionally, as Kansas Athletics staff members, coaches must abide by a diverse set of regulations which affect personal conduct, squad limitations, publicity, expense reimbursement, outside activities, etc.

Depending on their respective functions, athletic administrative staff members may also be affected by NCAA and Conference rules and regulations. In some instances, only a few regulations apply to a particular staff member’s duties or areas of responsibility; however, a thorough knowledge of all the rules and regulations allows each staff member to function within a system of checks and balances, which helps prevent unintentional violations.

Although student-athletes are made aware of applicable NCAA rules and regulations prior to entering the intercollegiate athletics program, it is crucial that they are informed of newly passed legislation which affects them. They must also be reminded of the pre-existing regulations. An annual review not only provides the student-athletes with information concerning athletics participation, but also makes them aware of possible situations that could jeopardize their athletic and academic eligibility.

Review and Education for Coaches and Staff

The Director of Athletics believes that education of staff members, coaches and student-athletes regarding rules and regulations is vital to maintaining an athletics program that remains in compliance with NCAA and the Big 12 Conference rules and regulations. The Compliance Office conducts an annual Certification of Compliance meeting with all Kansas Athletics staff each August. Policy and procedures of Kansas Athletics are outlined at this time with special emphasis on reporting of violations and rules education pertaining to NCAA and Conference legislation.

In addition, each semester rules education sessions are scheduled with each Department within Kansas Athletics (e.g., Marketing, Equipment, Sports Information, etc.). During these educational sessions, new rules and/or additional interpretations of existing rules are emphasized. All administrative staff members are required to attend the meeting for their specific area.

Additionally, the Compliance Office circulates rules interpretations to staff members and coaches throughout the year and holds educational sessions each academic year with Head and Assistant Coaches, Director of Operations, and other designated staff members from each sport. Interpretations are provided to each sport and staff member, as appropriate, as a result of a specific question, published interpretations, etc.

Review for Student-Athletes

At the beginning of the academic year, and as needed throughout the year, the Compliance Office, with assistance from appropriate Kansas Athletics staff members, reviews applicable NCAA and Conference rules and regulations with student-athletes and their coaches. The student-athletes must attend this review session and complete the required forms prior to participating in any athletically-related activities. Generally, this review is held at the initial team meeting, with attendance being mandatory for each student-athlete. During the meeting, each student-athlete is required to sign the NCAA Student-Athlete Statement. Failure to attend the review or to sign this statement renders the student-athlete ineligible for intercollegiate athletics participation.

Staff members are reminded that, in order for the sessions to be effective, the information presented must deal with issues involving student-athletes. Although many NCAA and Conference rules and regulations are inclusive of all sports, several rules and regulations are sport specific. Therefore, whenever possible, it is best to have teams meet individually so that rules related to that particular sport may be covered completely without introducing rules to all student-athletes which may not directly apply to their sport.

Prospective Student-Athletes

When recruiting prospective student-athletes, it is the coaches’ responsibility to make sure the prospects are made aware of rules and regulations regarding permissible and impermissible recruiting activities. Head Coaches, with assistance from the Compliance Office, must monitor the mailing of brochures and informational publications to prospective student-athletes to ensure only approved materials are released. Included in the list of approved materials is The NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete, which is the official NCAA publication providing information to prospective student-athletes on recruiting rules and regulations.


Any violation of NCAA, Conference and/or University regulations regarding intercollegiate athletics may subject a coach, Kansas Athletics staff member or other University official to immediate disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. Such actions are taken in accordance with appropriate University, Conference and NCAA policies and procedures.

Likewise, student-athletes found to have violated any NCAA, Big 12 Conference and/or University regulation are also subject to possible disciplinary actions, which can include loss of eligibility or loss of scholarship. In addition, it is the policy of the University to cooperate fully with NCAA or Conference representatives whenever possible violations are investigated. (For additional enforcement information, see Policies 501, Student-Athletes: Conduct and Ethics and 600, Kansas Athletics Staff: Conduct and Ethics, in this Manual.)