(602B) NCAA Certification of Compliance

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Updated 4/09


Each year, the Chancellor of the University (the NCAA certifying Chief Executive Officer) is required to complete an NCAA Certification of Compliance for Institutions form with an NCAA Certification of Compliance for Staff Members of Athletics Departments form, certifying institutional compliance with all applicable NCAA rules and regulations. This form must be placed on file annually in the Director of Athletics’ Office prior to September 15th in order to be eligible to enter a team or individual for participation in NCAA-sponsored meets and tournaments.

All continuing Kansas Athletics staff members are required to sign the NCAA Certification of Compliance for Staff Members of Athletics Departments form, which affirms that all staff members have reported any knowledge of violations of NCAA legislation pursuant to the procedures outlined in Policy 600A. The Director of Athletics may require other personnel to sign the form for internal use. The Compliance Office coordinates the completion of the form, including ensuring its timely execution, according to the following procedures:

1. The form is prepared by the Compliance Office prior to the beginning of each academic year and includes the typed name and title of all salaried Kansas Athletics staff members who are not employed on special payroll (or who are performing a regular staff function, even though they may not be classified as full-time staff), administrative and supervisory personnel, and returning coaches for all sports (regardless of the season of the sport).

2. Staff members are notified of the need for their signature by the September 15th signing deadline.

3. Each staff member identified on the form places his/her full signature (initials are not allowed) on the form and the date of execution, including the month, day and year. The signature must be executed by the staff member, not by a designee.

4. Once the form is complete with all required signatures, the Director of Athletics is given the original form.

5. The Director of Athletics reviews the form to verify its accuracy and ensure its completeness prior to conveying the original and one copy to the Chancellor of the University. The form remains in Kansas Athletics files for five (5) years.