(603B) Coaches and Administrators: Outside Employment and Promotional Activities

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Updated 07/05


KUAC professional staff members and coaches are expected to comply with both KUAC and NCAA rules and regulations related to outside employment and promotional activities. Moreover, the University and the NCAA have established certain policies requiring the prior approval and accurate reporting of athletically related outside employment, promotional activities, as well as related income.

KUAC requires that professional staff members request permission from the Director of Athletics prior to accepting outside consulting work. Request approvals are made at the Director of Athletics discretion taking into account the time required, the nature of the service, the potential for conflicts of interest and the contribution the activities may make to the professional advancement of the staff member. Additionally, each July, all professional staff will complete an Outside Income Agreement, reporting any athletically related outside income for the previous year and projecting outside income for the upcoming year.


Head coaches and professional staff members, particularly in those sports which receive a great deal of media attention, are often asked to make public appearances or perform other services for charity, as a community service, or for additional compensation. These activities include, but are not limited to:

· Speaking to school and youth groups, sports associations and other organizations;

· Hosting radio or television shows;

· Participating as a commentator for postseason games;

· Coaching at sports clinics or summer camps; and

· Endorsing commercial products.

Coaches and professional staff members are encouraged to participate in such activities because they often present a unique opportunity for the individual to promote and clarify the goals of KUAC. However, it is essential that staff members not allow outside employment or speaking engagements to interfere with their KUAC job responsibilities.


NCAA legislation specifies that professional staff members and coaches (i.e. full-time head and assistant coaches) must annually report in writing to the University Chancellor all athletically related income and benefits from sources outside the institution.

University and KUAC policy prohibits:

1. The use, directly or by implication, of the University’s name or logo in the endorsement of commercial products or services for personal gain; and 2. The acceptance of outside compensation or gratuities from athletics shoe, apparel or equipment manufacturers in exchange for the use of such merchandise during practice or competition.

Coaches and KUAC administrators must be careful when accepting invitations for public appearances. Coaches and administrators are not allowed to use their official position for personal gain by engaging in commercial sponsorship or by endorsing products. Only those commercial endorsements or sponsorships that are approved in advance by KUAC as part of a KUAC or University sponsorship program are permitted. KUAC employees may not be associated with, employed by, nor sponsor or endorse any outside organization or product that, by its nature, may discredit the University.

Affiliation with outside associations that would place an employee in a conflict of interest situation is not permitted. Staff members may not participate in a commercial radio or television program when there is a relationship between a product or process being advertised and KUAC’s intercollegiate athletics program. Additionally, staff members may not use the names of the University of Kansas, the Big Twelve Conference or the NCAA in any endorsement of a product or service, nor should any advertisement or endorsement imply or indicate a connection with KUAC or the University.

All staff members making public appearances in a professional capacity are expected to familiarize themselves with the guidelines concerning conduct and ethics, found in Policy 509, KUAC Staff: Conduct and Ethics, in this Manual. Additionally, prior to making speeches or statements, which contain information about Divisional policies or procedures, staff members should consult the Associate Athletic Director/External Affairs or the Director of Athletics. This ensures that all information is accurate and appropriate.

The Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance may be consulted to clarify or advise coaches and/or staff members concerning permissible outside activities.

If outside employment is agreed to in contractual form, the NCAA requires that the contract be reviewed by the Director of Athletics prior to signing. Staff members should schedule a meeting with the Director of Athletics to review any such document prior to completion of the agreement. Moreover, any such agreements currently in effect are not to be renewed at the end of the expiration of the current term (even if there is an “automatic renewal” clause) without first being reviewed by the Director of Athletics.


All staff must report annually all athletically related income from sources outside the University to the Director of Athletics. As required by NCAA rules and regulations, this information is reported to the Chancellor. Each September, all coaches and professional staff members are required to do the following:

(a) Review their Outside Income Agreement for the previous year to verify the outside income reported and make any necessary changes; and

(b) Complete an Outside Income Agreement for the upcoming year projecting any athletically related outside income that they expect to earn. This Agreement is then forwarded to the Chancellor for approval. Sources of income include, but are not limited to:

· Annuities;

· Offices and directorships;

· Sports camps;

· Ownership interests;

· Speaking engagements;

· Television and radio programs;

· Complimentary ticket sales;

· Endorsements or consultation contracts with athletic shoe, apparel or equipment manufacturers;

· Housing benefits (including preferential housing arrangements);

· Country club memberships; and

· Consultations provided as an expert witness.


In some instances, primarily speaking engagements, staff members may request reimbursement for travel and lodging expenses, as allowable under KUAC regulations. The staff member must follow normal expense reporting procedures, as designated in Policy 404B, Disbursements: Travel and Entertainment Expenses, in this Manual. Reimbursement is approved, provided the staff member follows the appropriate KUAC procedures and is not being reimbursed by the sponsoring organization, or receiving a fee.