(605) Staff: Children in the Workplace

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Nov. 1, 2007Updated 07/06 605


Kansas Athletics values an atmosphere that fosters a healthy balance between workplace obligations and family issues. However, frequent recurring presence of visitors or family members during work hours is unsuitable for the following reasons: unnecessary distractions, decreased productivity, health and safety issues, and liability to the organization.

It is Kansas Athletics’ policy that employees are not allowed to bring children into the workplace except as permitted by this policy. This policy is not intended to prohibit family members and children from attending sporting events or camps or to prohibit an incidental or brief visit.

  • Children are not permitted in the workplace except under extremely unusual circumstances.
  • A child who has an illness that prevents him/her from being accepted by a regular day care provider, particularly a child with an infectious disease, may not be brought to the workplace under any circumstances.
  • At all times, children remain the sole responsibility of the parent. Parents must accompany their children at all times. The employee must not ask any other employee or student to supervise the child.
  • The presence of the child cannot disrupt the work environment or negatively impact the productivity of the employee who brought the child or other employees or students.
  • The employee’s supervisor may direct the employee to remove the child from the workplace at any time if the supervisor determines that this policy has been violated, that health or safety risks are too great, or that the child’s presence negatively impacts Kansas Athletics’ interests.

When possible, departments should honor an employee’s request for flexibility to meet unexpected family needs that may require the employee’s attention during normal working hours. When workloads allow, Kansas Athletics encourages departments to cooperate with employees who wish to meet family responsibilities by using breaks or lunch hours, flexible schedules, adjusted hours or vacation leave.