Allen Fieldhouse: New Tiers & Pricing

Allen Fieldhouse is what it is because of you, our faithful fans. Allen Fieldhouse provides a home-court advantage unlike any other and we can’t wait to have a packed Allen Fieldhouse again soon. We are not immune to seeing the effects of this virus and its impact on the place we call home. And to limit the impact on the best fans in college basketball we are lowering prices on season tickets for the first time in over a decade. Allen Fieldhouse is a place where we can all come together again, with a common love of Jayhawk basketball.

  • Five new pricing tiers, including a low season ticket price of $500
  • Almost 45 percent of Allen Fieldhouse will have a lower cost on season tickets compared to the 2019 season.
  • Buy season tickets and join the Williams Education Fund now to support all of programs and student athletes and keep Allen Fieldhouse the best home court advantage in the country.

New Tier System

Pricing Tiers 
Tier 1 (Red)$1,650
Tier 2 (Blue)$1,275
Tier 3 (Yellow)$1,125
Tier 4 (Orange)$1,000
Tier 5 (Lt. Blue)$875
Tier 6 (Pink)$750
Tier 7 (Black)$625
Tier 8 (Green)$500
  • Kansas Athletics launched an expanded tier system that lowers season ticket prices in multiple areas.
  • You’ve powered the sellout streak and made it possible for Coach Self to tally an unbelievable home record of 278-15.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy season tickets?
  • You know the entire cost upfront as well as locking-in your same seat location for each game. If you do not, you’re at the mercy of the market which will fluctuate on a daily basis.
  • Season ticket holders gain access to opportunities such as attending events like Chalk Talk before games and having access to post-season and special event tickets such as the Champions Classic and ESPN Events Invitational.
  • Season ticket purchases and donations to the Williams Education Fund support student-athletes through the general scholarship fund, equipment, training and more.
Why purchase season tickets through KU?
  • The purchase of season tickets and Williams Fund donations help to support student-athlete scholarships.
  • If you purchase through a third party, they take the fees as profit, instead of your dollars going towards helping KU student-athletes.
  • Same seats each game vs. a different seat for every game through the secondary market.
  • With season tickets you know cost up front. Through other avenues you are at the mercy of the market.
  • Season ticket purchases help us ensure that we have a full arena which adds to overall environment for fans and student-athletes.
Why change from three tiers to eight tiers?
  • The old tiered system had too many seats that were overpriced. Therefore, someone purchasing a season ticket behind the basket was paying the same as someone sitting between the baselines in the upper rows.
  • The new system will place a much more accurate value on each section, accounting for sightlines, proximity to the court, etc. It creates opportunities for more fans to be part of the tradition at Allen Fieldhouse .
When will select-a-seat occur?
  • Donor Select-A-Seat will be begin August 9th.
  • Faculty Staff Select-A-Seat will be held on August 8th
Is there a required donation to the Williams Education Fund?
  • A minimum $100 donation is required on all season tickets in Allen Fieldhouse
When will new season tickets go on sale?