Cheerleading Scholarships

KU gives partial scholarships of $650/year (+$100 if 3.0 GPA) to all our cheerleaders. KU cheerleaders also receive many other benefits in addition to getting a great education, living in an awesome college town, and cheering at the best college basketball games in the country. Our benefits include:

  • $650/year scholarship (+$100 if 3.0 GPA)
  • 5% discount at Naismith Hall if at least 10 squad members live there
  • Free adidas apparel and shoes
  • Two tickets to each home football game
  • Uniforms and warm-ups provided by KU
  • Per diems during travel to away games
  • Access to KU Athletics’ trainers, nutritionist, and sport psychologist
  • Access to the KU Athletics weight room (one of the best in the country) and their strength & conditioning staff
  • Team members must fundraise any costs associated with competition at UCA nationals.
  • Free workout classes included with our sponsorship with Hotworx

Many of our athletes are supported by academic scholarships. Make sure to be aware of application deadlines for incoming freshman and transfer students.

        1. Important Dates
          1. Priority Deadline for Freshmen: November 1st
          2. Deadline for Freshmen Fall Enrollment: February 1st
          3. Deadline for Transfer Fall Enrollment: May 1st
        2. Academic Scholarship Information
          1. Freshmen – Deadline is November 1st
          2. Transfers – Deadline is May 1st