Compliance - Coaching Roles

Countable Coaches:

Countable coaches are institutional staff members whom count against coaching limits which are applicable to specific sports. Countable coaches have the ability to provide technical or tactical instruction to student-athletes at any time, make tactical decisions related to his/her specific sport during on-court or on-field practice or competition, and engage in any off-campus recruiting activities.

Undergraduate Student Assistant Coaches:
If a student-athlete has exhausted his/her eligibility or has suffered a career-ending injury, he/she may be eligible for an undergraduate student-assistant coach opportunity. This student would need to have time remaining on his/her 5-year clock and also be enrolled in full-time credits to be able to serve in this position. An undergraduate student-assistant coach may participate in coaching activities with the current team, but is prohibited from any off-campus recruiting activities.

Volunteer Coaches:
Sports other than football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball may employ volunteer coaching staff members. Volunteer coaches may not be paid in any capacity by KU or Kansas Athletics, but may receive compensation for working KU camps or clinics. Volunteer coaches may participate in coaching activities, but are prohibited from any off-campus recruiting activities. Volunteer coaches may be involved in the on-campus recruitment of prospects (i.e., official visit meals, campus tours. etc.).

Graduate Assistant Coaches:

Graduate assistant coaches are only allowed in the sports of football, rowing, and swimming and diving at KU. GAs must be fully admitted and enrolled in a graduate degree program at KU. They can participate in coaching student-athletes and are limited to on-campus recruiting of prospective student-athletes.

Non-Coaching Staff Members with Sport-Specific Responsibilities:
Non-coaching staff members with sport-specific responsibilities may not participate in any coaching or off-campus recruiting activities. He/she may by involved in on-campus recruiting of prospects and meetings with the coaching staff regarding competition, but must refrain from interacting with student-athletes in a coaching manner. Please contact the Compliance Office regarding communication with prospects.

Student Managers:
Managers must be full-time undergraduate or graduate students and must also serve in the traditional role of a manager in dealing with equipment, laundry or hydration.  While a manager may not instruct student-athletes or participate in countable activities, he/she may participate in limited on-court/field activities with student-athletes (i.e., rebounding, warm-up activities or shagging balls, throwing batting practice, etc.).