David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium: New Tiers & Pricing

Kansas Athletics is launching a new, expanded Tier system at David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium in 2022 to give Jayhawk fans more opportunities to pick a price point that best suits their individual budgets. Moving from four tiers to six tiers, David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium will make attending Jayhawks games more affordable and welcoming to fans.

Kansas Jayhawks

Updated Tiers & Pricing

2022 Tier2022 Price2021 Tier2021 Price
Family Zone$450

Family Zone

  • Located in the north bowl in  sections 13 and 14
  • The addition of the family zone in one segment of the stadium is beneficial for a few different reasons, including:
    • Allowing families to sit near each other and enjoy games together.
    • Allows parents to bring their kids at a more affordable price point.
    • Creates a family atmosphere at David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium
    • Allows for easier access to concessions and restrooms in a specific area of the stadium

Loyalty Pricing

  • 3 year Loyalty Pricing was offered beginning with the 2019 season and expired after the 2021 season.


How is the value of purchasing from KU better than going through a different avenue?
  • Purchasing through KU channels is always the safest and best way to guarantee your seat is safe, secure and authentic.
  • Student-athletes rely on season ticket holders like you to continually support the Athletic Department.
  • Additional ways season-ticket members impact the football team directly is through general scholarship funds, equipment, etc.
  • Fans have the opportunity to sit in the same seats each game.
  • Season ticket pricing is always the best value.  Buying single game tickets will always be at a premium price when you make that purchase regardless of opponent. 
What was wrong with the old system?
  • Wasn’t as valuable for the fans.
  • The old tiered system had too many seats priced the same with major variances in sightline. Therefore, someone purchasing a season ticket in the upper level of section 6 was paying the same as someone sitting more towards the goal line in the upper level section 4.
  • The new system will place a much more accurate value on each section which is also based on sightlines, proximity to the field, etc.
What is dynamic pricing and why make this change?
  • If people don’t buy prior to select-a-seat, all remaining inventory will become dynamically priced.
  • Dynamic pricing will change from the first day you can buy tickets up to kickoff.  Season pricing remains static during that same period of time.
What is the advantage of dynamic pricing for fans?
  • Will create more price points for buyers of all budgets.
  • Allows the market to set the price just like it does for gas and airlines.
  • Sets the price based on historic buyer data, opponent and kickoff time.
How does the dynamic or new pricing help young alumni or families?
  • Allows more fans to access David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium with a cheaper point of entry and at price point that best fits their budget.