🥎 Dealing with the Uncontrollable: Macy Omli

Kansas softball’s 2020 season came to an abrupt end due to the COVID-19 outbreak, leaving an entire team of student-athletes in shock. In this latest series (Dealing with the Uncontrollable), we talk with some of the Jayhawks affected by this unforeseen action and how they have been handling the weeks following the decision. Macy Omli Headshot 2019-20

Sophomore Macy Omli appeared in 22 games for the Jayhawks in 2020, including having 15 starts in left field. She finished the season with six runs scored and one stolen base to her name.

Q. What went through your mind when you first saw that the season was canceled?

“I really didn’t believe it; it didn’t seem real. I was really hoping they were going to reevaluate, and it would all just go back to normal. Obviously, that didn’t happen.”

Kansas Jayhawks

Q. How has your daily routine changed? What are you doing with your time?

“My daily routine has changed quite a bit because now I have time to do things I wouldn’t normally have time for. Typically, after I wake up, I spend a few hours working on homework. After I am done with homework, I work out. Running has been a really good thing for me. It gives me time to go outside, get my body moving and I feel really good afterward. I’ve also been doing a lot of yoga with my workouts. After school and workouts are done, I just hang with my family or watch Netflix. I have been really interested in baking as well, so sometimes I’ll make desserts I find on Pinterest.

“My family and I adopted a puppy. She is a 15-week-old black lab named Bailey. So during my free time I’ve also been getting lots of puppy kisses, cuddles and playtime. She has definitely helped quarantine be not so bad.”

Q. What do you miss most during all of this?

“I miss my teammates the most. I felt like our team was starting to have such a great bond and it made the season really fun. I miss seeing and being with them every day.

“I also miss being on a routine at school. Sometimes it would get overwhelming with how busy we were. This was a good reality check because, at school, I would become easily stressed with everything going on. I now realize how I wish I were dealing with those everyday activities that I was once stressing about.”

Kansas Jayhawks

Q. If you knew that the doubleheader against Arkansas was going to be the final game of the season would you have done anything differently?

“I don’t think I would have done anything differently. At Arkansas, I felt like we were putting all the pieces together and playing as a team. We left it all out on the field and played really well.”

Q. How have your coaches, teammates and support staff helped you during this pandemic?

“We have Zoom meetings with the team which is really nice because it’s the closest thing we have to feeling like we are all together again. The support staff has done a really good job of sending us weekly texts to check up on us and make sure we are doing okay. Social media has helped me stay connected with teammates.”

Q. What has been your favorite TV series that you have binged on that you would recommend for others right now?

“My favorite TV series that I have been watching is the Ozarks. It’s pretty drama-filled which keeps you coming back. Season three just came out on Netflix and it was soooo good. 10/10 recommend!”