🥎 Dealing with the Uncontrollable: Morgyn Wynne

Kansas softball’s 2020 season came to an abrupt end due to the COVID-19 outbreak, leaving an entire team of student-athletes in shock. In this latest series (Dealing with the Uncontrollable), we talk with some of the Jayhawks affected by this unforeseen action and how they have been handling the weeks following the decision.Morgan Wynne Headshot 2019-20

Sophomore Morgyn Wynne served as one of the Jayhawks’ main power bats during the 2020 shortened season. Her four home runs on the year tied her for third overall on the Kansas softball roster. She also compiled 16 RBI over the course of her 19 appearances, also the third most on the team.

Q. What went through your mind when you first saw that the season was canceled?

“When I saw that season was first canceled, I honestly couldn’t believe it. I was in shock. I thought that it was an extremely rash decision that was made based on such little information circulating the media.”

Kansas Jayhawks

Q. How has your daily routine changed? What are you doing with your time?

“My daily routine has changed drastically. I wake up and spend my morning on Zoom for class and doing homework until the early afternoon. Then I try to spend two to three hours outside staying active and doing workouts just like I would for practice every day. Then I come home and cook and do homework for the week.

“Cooking has been something I like to do off the field, so I have been learning new recipes. I have also been learning how to play other sports like tennis, soccer, football, basketball and ultimate Frisbee. My roommates and I also have late-night movie nights almost every day.”

Q. What do you miss most during all of this?

“I miss being with my team every day and having a routine. Even though the daily grind does get hard and grueling, doing it with your closest friends and coaches is the best thing ever.”

Q. If you knew that the doubleheader against Arkansas was going to be the final game of the season would you have done anything differently?

“I wouldn’t have done anything differently. I stood behind my girls after every play and every pitch and we had an amazing fight. As a team, I wish we could have shut the door on them because we had both of those games. But I don’t think anything differently could’ve been done. We know were the better team.”

Q. How have your coaches, teammates and support staff helped you during this pandemic?

“Coaches, teammates and support staff have been amazing during this pandemic. Everyone has constantly reached out to everyone to make sure they are doing well. We make sure we support each other during this time because everyone has been affected and are all processing it differently.

“The girls still in Lawrence who chose not to go home are really sticking together during this time because it feels like we are all we have here. We also stick together to create a sense of normalcy amongst each other. It has really helped because they are my second family, so being away from my family in California has been less hard because I have them.”

Q. What has been your favorite tv series that you have binged that you would recommend for others to binge right now?

” I have been watching both Songland and the Voice.”

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