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Rock Chalk Park

Rock Chalk Park ranks among the nation’s elite track and field facilities. The track surface is recognized by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) as a Class I Certified track.

In order to be classified for IAAF Class I certification, Rock Chalk Park had to meet several tight tolerances:

  • The cross slope of the main oval had to be less than 1.00%
  • The downward slope of the straightaway for the running events had to be less than 0.10%
  • The lengths of the 100m, 110m, and 200m events had to be within 0.010m of the proposed distance
  • The lengths of the 400m had to be within 0.030m of the proposed distance
  • Elevations and lengths for the report were measured to the nearest millimeter

The surface at Rock Chalk Park, installed by Beynon Sports Surfaces, underwent in-situ testing for the certification process. The average depth of the running surface for IAAF Class I certification is 12 mm, while the average depth for Rock Chalk Park ranged from 16mm to 19mm.

“The BSS 2000 system installed at Rock Chalk Park will offer the ultimate edge in performance while providing a safe site for daily training,” John Beynon, founder of Beynon Sport. “A force-reduction layer, constructed with butyl rubber and polyurethane will allow athletes to take advantage of top level control and maximum energy return.”

Rock Chalk Park is a nine-lane 400-meter track with a seven-foot jogging lane on the outside of the track. The facility also sports a 436 foot (133m) six-lane warm-up straightaway located west of the track, which can also be used to run the 100m and the 110m hurdles.

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