Two-Minute Drill: The Grind

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All along the coaching staff has preached about the importance of repetition. Practices are going to be conducted the same way until everyone can run the procedure perfectly.
After eight-straight fall practices of the exact same drills, the exact same plays and the exact same weather – repetition gets old.
Maybe it was the excessive heat and moist air off the turf or the number of practices in a short span, but the Jayhawks didn’t look much like they did in the early days of camp.
The only thing that made Friday’s hour and a half practice in shoulder pads and helmets in the stadium tolerable was the fact that on Saturday the boys will be separated from the men.
Anyone can look like an All-American with a helmet on, but when, ‘The bullets start flying on the field,’ as head coach David Beaty said, that’s when you know which 22 guys are going to impact the games.
“We should start to see some real separation in Saturday’s scrimmage,” Beaty continued. “You can’t really fully evaluate a player until the pads come on and the game becomes full speed.”
Sure the concept of speed is preached every day on the field and in the meeting rooms, but nothing compares to the tempo of a real game. There is less time between plays, no one follows a script and the players seem to give it more when they are allowed to hit.
To all our faithful readers out there, the grind is real. After 10 days of the same thing, one can’t help but to get excited for what Saturday brings.

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