Two-Minute Drill: The Standard

Head coach David Beaty had to make one thing very clear to his team following the first full-contact scrimmage of camp Saturday.
Lethargy will never be tolerated.
Practice was over, the players were on the sidelines, and it was time for them to meet coaches at midfield to stretch and receive the post-scrimmage message from Beaty. However, the majority of the Jayhawks didn’t have the spark in their step that Beaty was looking for.
“Everyone back to the sideline!” Beaty furiously yelled.
Despite running through a two-hour, physically demanding situational scrimmage in the heat of the day, there was a penalty for the lack of urgency at the workout’s conclusion.
Already disappointed with the somewhat lackadaisical nature of yesterday’s helmet and shoulder pad practice, Beaty wanted to reemphasize what it requires to meet the standard he and his coaches have set for the team.
It didn’t matter that the Jayhawks had just gone through their 10th, two-hour-plus practice in nine days and had just gotten done beating each other up for a chance to make the two-deep come September.
“We’re going to learn to run when we need to,” Beaty told the team when they arrived at the sideline.
That’s just what happened.
The width of a football field is 53-1/3 yards from sideline-to-sideline and with each down-and-back that everyone had to accomplish in a minimum of 20 seconds, the coaches made sure that nobody only ran 53 yards and missed the white line.
“Set the standard,” Offensive coordinator Rob Likens demanded. “Finish and do it the right way!”
After several gassers – as the running punishment is called – Beaty delivered the message he had intended to drive home.
Before the punishment run, the energy was amped as the offense and defense went through a variety of scripted scrimmage situations like red zone, goal line and two-minute.
Due to the mid-afternoon heat on the stadium turf, Beaty arranged for snow cones to be available after the scrimmage. A mixture of the excitement for a cool refresher and the threat of more gassers – everyone ran to the snow cone line.

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