Two-Minute Drill: Rain, Rain

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A little rain never hurt anyone.
That sentiment held true Tuesday for Kansas football’s 12th practice of fall camp. Strong morning rain altered a regimented practice routine and forced the Jayhawks inside Anschutz Pavilion where focus turned to the offensive line.
In offensive coordinator Rob Likens’ scheme, it’s all about tempo and spreading the field. That tempo consists of 80-plus plays in a game. In order to achieve that number, it all starts with those five guys up front.
“They (offensive line) are probably the fittest group on the team,” head coach David Beaty said. “In terms of conditioning, strength and optimal weight, they are the best group overall thus far in camp.”
Being fit is only part of the puzzle. The offensive line also needs to be able to play fast and physical, two keys that unlock part of Likens’ offense and that runs deep in the philosophy of run game coordinator and offensive line coach Zach Yenser.
“We need to be able to play fast,” Yenser said. “The faster we get to the ball, the faster the play gets called, the faster the wide receivers get set and the faster the quarterback snaps the ball. It all starts with the big men up front. The faster they are, the faster the tempo.”
Catching a glimpse of that 12th practice in Anschutz Pavilion, one can see it was the offensive line running the show. In the fast start segment and every other team segment, it was the offensive line sprinting to the ball to get lined up after each play.
Sweat dripping and hustling, the word tired never resonates with them. It is all about pride.
“That’s football,” senior offensive lineman Keyon Haughton said. “We pride ourselves on playing fast and physical. We are never tired.”
Yenser couldn’t agree more.
“We want guys who will give it their all and fight for four seconds each play,” Yenser said. “If they can’t do that, we will go out and find guys who will. That is the only way we are going to be successful.”
One thing is true, a successful offensive line means a fast and productive offense. One thing everyone can agree is a must in order to achieve success as a team.

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