Two-Minute Drill: Next Man Up

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The coaches are going to coach their guys.
From day one, head coach David Beaty has insisted that he isn’t going to overrule or overstep when it comes to the men he hired coaching their position groups.
Typically, Beaty can be found quietly overseeing each drill, making sure to never interrupt when a staff member is giving instruction.
However, with the two-week mark of Fall Camp passing on Wednesday, the seemingly non-stop football activity from the last 14 days has worn everyone down. Well, almost everyone. Special teams coordinator Gary Hyman is still doing the greatest Energizer Bunny impression anybody has ever seen. He really just runs around raising all kinds or racket. It’s always instructional – just passionately expressed to each player.
Anyway, in Thursday’s 14th-straight practice, the pads no longer started to pop as loud and the cheers and celebration dwindled down to simple high fives. Beaty knew it was time to step in and try to get the juice flowing again.
Jumping into his old stomping grounds, he donned a blue arm pad to work with the wide receivers on their physicality while running routes. He never once altered wide receivers coach Klint Kubiak’s plans or words of instruction – he simply put the pad on and went to play cornerback.
After all, who wouldn’t want to take their best shot at the head coach?
Receiver after receiver took their turn through the drill getting held, pushed and struck with the pad by Beaty in an effort to slow them down before having to catch up to the ball on a deep go-route.
After a few tries, the trash talk picked up on whether or not a receiver could get out of the jam. The receivers’ feet began moving with more fluency, the routes became crisper and the competition soared.
Everyone inside of the program always talks about the next guy up to replace you when you’re tired. Well, today Beaty picked up the slack for everyone else.

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