From the Desk of Athletics Director Jeff Long

Dear Jayhawks,

In this uncertain environment, I want to share some decisions and areas of focus on the near horizon for Kansas Athletics. As Chancellor Girod just shared, fans will not be permitted at KAI events in September based on medical recommendations.

We share the belief that by making this decision now, there will be a path that will allow us to host fans at football, soccer, cross country and volleyball in October and through the end of their respective seasons. There is an old adage of walk before you run, and we believe if we begin without fans in-venue this September, we will have a greater chance to host fellow Jayhawks in a safe environment in October and hopefully throughout the academic year.

While this also creates an entirely new set of questions and concern, here are some of the answers we have today:

What does this mean for my season tickets in football?
Our ticket office staff is mailing football season tickets today, August 31, because we truly believe we will be able to host fans in David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium for Oklahoma State (Oct. 3), Iowa State (Oct. 31), Texas (Nov. 21) and TCU (Nov. 28).

What will be the percentage of capacity at Memorial Stadium when Douglas County allows KU to have fans in the venue?
We are not guided by a specific percentage mandate. Our mandate is to socially distance all fans, and we believe that we can do that and still get all of our season ticket holders and a strong students section into the venue.

As a season ticket holder and donor, does that capacity for football include me?
Yes, our priority is that every season ticket holder is included.

What will game day look like at Memorial Stadium?
Our capacity plans include social distancing in the seating area, the requirement to wear masks, and other social distancing measures at concessions, restrooms and additional areas. These plans have been well-received by Douglas County Public Health Officials. The pause right now is related to the number of positive cases in our county, but once that number drops, we believe we have a plan in place that our county leadership will support.

Will my seats change if we are required to socially distance in the stadium?
Yes, most fan’s seat locations will change due to the requirement that they be socially distanced. The Williams Education Fund and Ticket Office will share seat details and options in a subsequent communication.

What if I don’t like the new seat location or I don’t feel safe attending games?
In the earlier stage of the pandemic, we shared a Ticket Assurance Plan with all season ticket holders. If you choose not to attend the games, here are your options:

  • Receive a prorated credit to your account for future ticket purchases.
  • Transfer the ticket balance to the Williams Education Fund for a deductible donation in support of our Jayhawk Relief Fund to assist us during the COVID-19 crisis. KU Endowment will provide a receipt if you are receiving no benefits related to tickets.
  • Receive a refund on tickets for the games impacted.
  • All accounts, regardless of level, that maintain or increase their donation level for the 2021 fund drive will have the ability to keep their 2020 ticket locations for Football & Men’s Basketball.

How did you define where my season tickets would be moved?
Socially distancing our season ticket accounts was certainly a daunting and complicated reseating task. Our key priorities were to provide an option for every season ticket holder and define seats based upon Williams Fund membership level and priority points.

I paid full value for season tickets based around the plan of attending six home games, will I receive a refund if KU only plays four home games?
Yes, as part of the Ticket Assurance Plan, we will refund your account for any games that are held without fans or any cancelled games. Due to the ever changing environment of this global pandemic and the chance that other games are impacted, we will refund in one lump sum at the conclusion of the season.

Why are other regional sports teams able to have fans at their games and practices?
The final decision on all large events is made by the medical leadership of each county.

Soccer & Volleyball Update
While much of today’s focus is primarily football, we are working through the same process with volleyball, soccer and cross country. We will reassess with county medical officials later in September to determine our plans for moving forward with the hope we can welcome fans at these venues too!

We are proceeding step-by-step through the uncertainty of this pandemic, learning more and more each day. We cannot thank you enough for your patience, understanding and support through the first 25 weeks of the pandemic.

Please know that I expect our Williams Education Fund and ticket staff to be patient, understanding and accommodating with our season ticket holders, fans, and donors. If we cannot provide the experience you desire this fall, we will make it right with each account and await the day we can pack Memorial Stadium again and continue to Break the Cycle in Football!

Stay healthy and Rock Chalk!

Jeff Long
Director of Athletics