🎙️ Game Week Quotes - Coastal Carolina

LAWRENCE, Kan. — The Kansas Jayhawks are nearing their season-opener against Coastal Carolina, which takes place on Saturday, Sept. 12 at David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium. Before they take the field, head coach Les Miles and several players spoke with the media about the upcoming season, fall camp and more.

Hear what the Jayhawks had to say prior to their matchup with the Chanticleers on Monday.

"“I think there are certain adjustments that have been made in all three phases, offense, defense and special teams, that have allowed us to step in and fight. I feel like as a team, we know what to expect.”"

Head Coach Les Miles

"“There’s potential for this football team to be a very talented team. If they come out and play like they are supposed to, that would be a nice start to the season.”"

Head Coach Les Miles

"“Game week is a different feeling. You will find a lot of energy around game week, especially the first one. We are looking forward to lining up against someone else other than ourselves.”"

Head Coach Les Miles

"“It’s a competition. It will be a competition through and through and it will be a competition continuing through the season because if there’s a starter set that doesn’t mean the competition lessens throughout the season.”"

Senior Quarterback Thomas MacVittie

"“I think I can just look back on my past experience and just always be prepared and always be ready for my name to be called no matter when or where it is. I think that’s the most important thing. I think everyone in this offense, especially during this 2020 season with the pandemic, everyone has to be prepared to move forward and help this team win.” "

Junior Quarterback Miles Kendrick

"“More consistency and more effort as well. Last year I wasn’t in the shape that I wanted to be, nor was I at the speed that I wanted to be. I was there, but I wasn’t there, there. It’s just more of a, ‘I need to pick up more…’ Now I feel like I really can move and I can really be versatile in any position that they put me in.”"

Senior Linebacker Kyron Johnson

"“Fall camp has been a lot of fun. It’s my last year going out there so I don’t take anything for granted. During the offseason with COVID I have taken a lot of leadership with myself, going in the weight room, making sure I link up with pros, my trainer at home has made me better in my route running and also just mentally.”"

Senior Wide Receiver Andrew Parchment