👟 Jayhawks to Send 29 Individuals to NCAA West Prelims

LAWRENCE, Kan. – The Kansas men’s and women’s track and field teams will be represented by 29 individuals at the NCAA West Preliminary from May 26-29 Texas, the NCAA announced today. The meet will take place at E.B. Cushing Stadium in College Station, Texas.

Among the Kansas men that qualified are Ivan Henry (200 meters, 4×400 meter relay), AJ Green III (800 meters), Cody Johnson (400 meter hurdles, 4×400 meter relay), Ethan Fogle (4×400 meter relay), Isaiah Cole (4×400 meter relay), Michael Joseph (4×400 meter relay), Darius Releford (4×400 meter relay), Zach Bradford (pole vault), Hussain Al-Hizam (pole vault), Andrew Saloga (pole vault), Christian Champen (pole vault), Tyler Pride (long jump), Jelani Pierre (long jump), Patrick Larrison (shot put), George Evans (discus), Gleb Dudarev (hammer throw) and Oleg Kylkov (hammer throw).

On the women’s side, Kansas will be represented by 12 individuals, including Jedah Caldwell (200 meters, 4×100 meter relay, 4×400 meter relay), Morganne Mukes (200 meters, 4×100 meter relay), Toni Englund (4×100 meter relay), Honour Finley (400 meters, 4×400 meter relay), Mariah Kuykendoll (400 meters, 4×400 meter relay), Avryl Johnson (800 meters), Anna Siemens (400 meter hurdles), Ahmya McKeithan (4×100 meter relay), Erin Sermons (4×400 meter relay), Rylee Anderson (high jump), Samantha Van Hoecke (pole vault) and Alexandra Emilianov (shot put, discus).

Overall, the 29 individuals will be competing in 19 different events throughout the four-day meet.

Of Kansas’ 29 individuals selected to compete at the NCAA West Prelims, 11 rank in the top-12 of their respective event, including Bradford (pole vault) and Dudarev (hammer throw), who rank No. 1 in their respective event. In addition, Kansas will send four individuals to compete in the men’s pole vault, including Bradford, Al-Hizam, Saloga and Champen.

To qualify for the NCAA West Prelims, each individual must have ranked in the top-48 of their respective event in the West region. For relays, teams must have ranked in the top-24 of their respective event.

Kansas most recently qualified 24 individuals for the NCAA West Prelims in Sacramento, California in 2019.

When competing in the NCAA Preliminary Rounds, the top-12 finishers in each open and relay event will qualify for the national semifinal and final rounds of the 2021 NCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field Championships at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon from June 9-12.


Kansas Track & Field NCAA West Preliminary Qualifiers


Ivan Henry                              200 Meters, 4×400 Relay

AJ Green III                              800 Meters

Cody Johnson                          400 Meter Hurdles

Ethan Fogle                             4×400 Relay

Isaiah Cole                               4×400 Relay

Michael Joseph                       4×400 Relay

Darius Releford                       4×400 Relay

Zach Bradford                         Pole Vault

Hussain Al Hizam                    Pole Vault

Andrew Saloga                         Pole Vault

Christian Champen                 Pole Vault

Tyler Pride                               Long Jump

Jelani Pierre                            Long Jump

Patrick Larrison                       Shot Put

George Evans                          Discus

Gleb Dudarev                          Hammer Throw

Oleg Klykov                             Hammer Throw



Jedah Caldwell                        200 Meters, 4×100 Relay, 4×400 Relay

Morganne Mukes                   200 Meters, 4×100 Relay

Honour Finley                         400 Meters, 4×100 Relay, 4×400 Relay

Toni Englund                           4×100 Relay

Mariah Kuykendoll                 400 Meters, 4×400 Relay

Avryl Johnson                         800 Meters

Anna Siemens                         400 Meter Hurdles

Ahmya McKeithan                  4×100 Relay

Erin Sermons                           4×400 Relay

Rylee Anderson                       High Jump

Samantha Van Hoecke           Pole Vault

Alexandra Emilianov               Shot Put, Discus