Kansas Athletics Announces Integration of Spirit Squad as Part of K Club

LAWRENCE, Kan. — Kansas Athletics is thrilled to announce the integration of the University of Kansas Spirit Squad into the K Club, effective immediately. This integration marks an exciting chapter in the history of Kansas Athletics, further enriching the vibrant traditions, camaraderie and dedication to inclusivity within the K Club family.

The K Club, known for its dedication to preserving the traditions of Kansas Athletics, supporting current student-athletes, and fostering connections among alumni, coaches, trainers and managers, warmly welcomes the Spirit Squad into its fold. This collaboration underscores the commitment to nurturing lifelong relationships, fostering tradition, and facilitating networks for personal and professional growth among its community members.

Comprising the Kansas Cheer Squad, Rock Chalk Dancers, and beloved mascots Big Jay and Baby Jay, the University of Kansas Spirit Squad embodies the spirit of Jayhawk pride. From electrifying football games to thrilling basketball showdowns and beyond, these dedicated student-athletes uplift and inspire fans at every turn.

“Our Spirit Squad is an integral part of the vibrant atmosphere and rich traditions of the University of Kansas,” remarked Andrea Geubelle Norris, Director of K Club. “Their unwavering dedication, both on and off the field, epitomizes the values of excellence, unity, and service that define our university.”

Beyond their remarkable performances on game days, the Spirit Squad serves as ambassadors for the university, engaging in appearances, pep rallies, and community service initiatives. Their enthusiasm, coupled with their commitment to academic excellence—evidenced by an impressive average combined GPA of 3.8 (Fall of 2023) —sets a commendable standard for student-athletes nationwide.

The addition of the Spirit Squad to the K Club not only honors their illustrious legacy but also celebrates their extraordinary achievements, including a prestigious 2021 National Championship Title in the UCA Cheer Small Coed Division 1A. Their legacy of excellence, both in competition and in embodying the Jayhawk spirit, serves as a source of inspiration for many to come.