Unified Against Racism

Kansas Jayhawks

By uniting together and using our collective voice, Kansas Athletics will work with all facets of the Lawrence community, in collaboration with University initiatives, to create actionable steps to inspire and create change in the following areas:

  • Cultivate – Build and cultivate relationships with local law enforcement
  • Educate – Create an educational platform to grow and develop
  • Empower – Provide new and additional opportunities
  • Inspire – Be leaders in the State and Lawrence community by actions that require change




  • KU LEADS supports and educates with the skills necessary to succeed throughout their personal and professional life. We are currently training students to be more inclusive in their thoughts and actions and to lead with action and thoughtfulness.


  • KU R.I.S.E. (Redefine. Inspire. Support. Empower.) is a student-athlete organization that strives to bring together student-athletes of different cultures, ethnicities, lifestyles, and belief systems to enhance their experience on the University of Kansas (KU) campus. It is a program that dedicates itself towards providing a safe space and community for any student-athletes who identifies as a minority. The programming consist of discussions and activities that are real and relevant topics in an environment that fosters support and empowerment. R.I.S.E. is devoted to providing the student-athlete population with opportunities to strengthen their understanding of one another and their fellow student body.

Diversity Recruitment Committee

  • Employee-based committee created to identify and recruit qualified members of underrepresented demographic groups, with the goal of creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Members of the committee assist human resources and hiring managers prior to and during the interview process for vacant KAI positions.

Marian E. Washington Trailblazer Series

  • In honor of Black History Month, Kansas Athletics is recognizing the notable achievements and accomplishments of African-Americans who have helped shape the Jayhawk program throughout the years by creating the Marian E. Washington Trailblazer Series. Each February, this endeavor will chronicle several prominent African-Americans and their impact on Kansas Athletics.
  • Click Here to view the full series

Kansas Athletics Diversity Leadership Council

  • Created in June of 2020, the Diversity Leadership Council has been tasked to create actionable items to promote an atmosphere of diversity by providing educational materials and opportunities for advancement of minorities.
  • Committee Members: Jeff Long, Terry Prentice, Dan Beckler, Emmett Jones, Laura Jackson, Paul Pierce, Christa Jacelone, Andrea Norris, George Midgett, Rose Richmond, Ed Jones, Fred Quartlebaum, Candace Dunback, Denesha McCuin, Nic Anguiano, Kristie Baumchen, Carmen Thomas, Wayne Simien, Darrel Stuckey, Lisa Braddy, Tayler Tolefree, David Johnston

Subcommittees of Diversity Leadership Council

Sport Activation Committee

  • Purpose: Provide opportunities to encourage and enable coaches, staff, administrators and student-athletes to utilize their specific sport as a platform to create lasting change.

Kansas Athletics Staff Initiatives

  • Purpose: Encourage and provide opportunities to educate and empower all staff members. Also, guide and foster professional advancement and leadership opportunities for black and minority staff members. Engage outside field experts to assist in development.

Student-Athlete Experience

  • Purpose: Provide leadership and guidance for the voice of the student-athletes and team-by-team initiatives developed by student-athletes.

Law Enforcement Engagement

  • Purpose: Create a culture of understanding and relationship building as well as provide engagement opportunities to learn and understand individual rights. Utilize the Kansas Law Enforcement Center to interact with staff, coaches and student-athletes through panels and in-person activities.

Initiative Awareness Group

  • Purpose: Research and collaborate events and initiatives to honor black individuals and minorities through events on Campus and in the Lawrence Community as well as through Big 12 and NCAA initiatives.


  • All Month โ€“ student-athlete and employee voter registration and education


  • November 3 โ€“ Student-Athletes Day Off for Election Day