Kansas Places 93 Student-Athletes on the Spring Academic All-Big 12 Team

LAWRENCE, Kan. – The Big 12 Conference announced the 2023 Spring Academic All-Big 12 Team on Monday, with a total of 846 student-athletes earning the honor. Kansas had 93 student-athletes on the list, with 81 on the first team and 12 on the second team.

Of the 93 student-athletes listed on the team, seven earned a perfect 4.0 grade point average during the Spring semester. Those student-athletes include Abby Glynn (women’s golf), Melia Martin (rowing), Jackalynn Woelfel (rowing), Makenna Anderson (women’s track and field), Lexy Farrington (women’s track and field), Tori Thomas (women’s track and field) and Satanya Wright (women’s track and field).

To qualify, student-athletes must maintain a 3.00 GPA for their respected academic career or for the two previous semesters. The student-athletes also must have participated in 20 percent of their team’s scheduled contests.

First team members consist of those who have maintained a 3.20 or better GPA while the second team selections hold a 3.00 to 3.19 GPA. 

The Kansas Women’s Track and Field team led the Jayhawks with 23 honorees, followed by rowing and men’s track and field with 22. Softball listed nine student-athletes, while men’s golf and baseball had five apiece. Women’s tennis listed four and women’s golf listed three.

See below for a full list of the honorees.

  Academic All-Big 12 Teams 
        First Team (3.20-4.00 GPA)
Kolby DouganJr.BaseballSports Management
Jake EnglishJr.BaseballSports Management
Stone EversSo.BaseballBusiness Finance
Tyler GeretySo.BaseballBusiness Administration
Sion AudrainJr.Men’s GolfFinance
Davis CooperJr.Men’s GolfSport Management
Hank LierzRJr.Men’s GolfFinance
Johanna EbnerSo.Women’s GolfSport Management
Abby Glynn*Sr.Women’s GolfEntrepreneurship
Jordan RothmanSo.Women’s GolfSport Management
Kai AlexanderSr.RowingAnthropology
Ava BlackSo.RowingIllustration
Cameron BoydJr.RowingExercise Science
Danielle BrunigSr.RowingGeology
Amber CayciSo.RowingCommunication Studies
Courtney CostainJr.RowingPsychology
Rylee CrowellSo.RowingBiochemistry
Laine DraperJr.RowingExercise Science
Mara EvansJr.RowingBiochemistry
Amber HadenJr.RowingPsychology
Jadyn JaySr.RowingSport Management Master’s
Ty Kelly-MartinSr.RowingExercise Science
Karly LarsonSo.RowingMarketing
Melia Martin*So.RowingPhysical Education
Audrey OwensSo.RowingMarketing
Shay PembertonSr.RowingCommunity Health
Riley ShootsSo.RowingIllustration
Emma SteinerJr.RowingHuman Biology
Laura TeskaSo.RowingMoleculary, Cellular & Developmental Biology
Grace WallrappSr.RowingFinance
Stella WarrenJr.RowingExercise Science
Jackalynn Woelfel*So.RowingElementary Education Unified
Olivia BrunoSo.SoftballEnglish
Sophia BuzardJr.SoftballBiology
Shayna EspySr.SoftballLiberal Arts & Sciences
Lyric MooreJr.SoftballLiberal Arts & Sciences
Angela PriceJr.SoftballJournalism
Peyton RenziSr.SoftballCommunity Health
Sara RoszakSo.SoftballBusiness Accounting
Jordan RichardsGr.SoftballMaster of Business Adminstration
Roxana ManuSr.Women’s TennisPsychology
Mariana Manyoma VelasquezSo.Women’s TennisLiberal Arts
Maria TitovaSo.Women’s TennisLiberal Arts
Marcus FreemanRFr.Men’s Track and FieldLiberal Arts & Sciences
Bradley FreidelJr.Men’s Track and FieldSport Management
Chandler GibbensJr.Men’s Track and FieldPolitical Science / Accounting
AJ GreenJr.Men’s Track and FieldChemical Engineering
Sam HubertSo.Men’s Track and FieldMechanical Engineering
Michael JosephJr.Men’s Track and FieldSport Management
Alex JungSo.Men’s Track and FieldPre-Business
Oleg KlykovJr.Men’s Track and FieldEconomics
Cale LittrellSo.Men’s Track and FieldEcology, Evolution, & Organismal Biology
Dimitrios PavlidisRFr.Men’s Track and FieldPsychology
Logan ReadRFr.Men’s Track and FieldPhilosophy
Terry RobinsonSo.Men’s Track and FieldAccounting / Finance
Clayton SimmsSo.Men’s Track and FieldSport Management
Christopher StoneRFr.Men’s Track and FieldHuman Biology
Mateo Vargas CataldoSo.Men’s Track and FieldBusiness Administration
Quenton WalionSo.Men’s Track and FieldMechanical Engineering
Peter WalsdorfSo.Men’s Track and FieldComputer Science/Mathematics
Cameron WilmingtonJr.Men’s Track and FieldMarketing
Makenna Anderson*So.Women’s Track and FieldElementary Education
Rylee AndersonSr.Women’s Track and FieldExercise Science
Avery BrooksSo.Women’s Track and FieldExercise Science
Caroline BurrowSo.Women’s Track and FieldMarketing
Addison CoppingerSo.Women’s Track and FieldChemical Engineering
Lorielle DanielSr.Women’s Track and FieldCommunity Health
Clare FallonSo.Women’s Track and FieldExercise Science
Lexy Farrington*So.Women’s Track and FieldMolecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology
Lauren HeckSo.Women’s Track and FieldExercise Science
Gabrielle HokeSo.Women’s Track and FieldExercise Science
Avryl JohnsonJr.Women’s Track and FieldDesign
Kenadi KruegerSo.Women’s Track and FieldComputer Science
Lona LatemaJr.Women’s Track and FieldLiberal Arts & Sciences
Alyson MooreSo.Women’s Track and FieldSport Management
Evann SeratteSo.Women’s Track and FieldPsychology
Anna SiemensSr.Women’s Track and FieldBusiness Administration
Tori Thomas*Jr.Women’s Track and FieldBusiness Administration
Samantha Van HoeckeSr.Women’s Track and FieldMolecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology
Anna VedralSo.Women’s Track and FieldForeign Language
Satanya Wright*Sr.Women’s Track and FieldSocial Work
        Second Team (3.00-3.19 GPA)
Stone HewlettJr.BaseballSports Management
William DuquetteJr.Men's GolfCommunication Studies
Zach SokoloskyRJr.Men's GolfMarketing
Haleigh HarperSr.SoftballExercise Science
Malkia NgounoueSr.Women's TennisPsychology
Justice DickSr.Men’s Track and FieldFinance
Eric GawlickSr.Men’s Track and FieldChemical Engineering/Business Administration
Devin LoudermilkSo.Men’s Track and FieldPsychology
Treyson TrueSo.Men’s Track and FieldPre-Business
Kennedy DoakesSo.Women’s Track and FieldFinance
Saudia HeardSr.Women’s Track and FieldBusiness Analytics
Faten LaribiSr.Women’s Track and FieldSports Management