Marketing & Fan Experience


Marketing & Fan Experience
1651 Naismith Dr.
Lawrence, KS 66045

National Anthem Performers

Have you always wanted to sing the National Anthem in historic Allen Fieldhouse and Kansas Athletics venues?

Send an anthem demo (preferably Flash Drive, CD or DVD) to the address below. The demo must be 90 seconds or less to be considered and should be a traditional version only. Demos will not be returned.

Email: Kyle Morrow

Mail to:
Kansas Athletics
Marketing & Fan Experience
Attn: National Anthem Singer
1651 Naismith Drive
Lawrence, KS 66045

Halftime Performers

Halftime at Allen Fieldhouse is all about amazing entertainment. Coming to Allen Fieldhouse is not only about witnessing the history and tradition of basketball, but also seeing incredible performances that entertain the whole family. Interested in performing?

Send a DVD of a past performance. Halftime performances typically last between 4 and 7 minutes. DVDs will not be returned.

Send to:
Kansas Athletics
Marketing & Fan Experience
Attn: Halftime Performance
1651 Naismith Drive
Lawrence, KS 66045


Jennifer Allee
Assistant AD – Marketing

Chris Lansdell
Senior Director of Marketing

Jeda Hays
Director – Marketing & Advertising (SOC)

Carlos J. Ramirez
Associate Director of Marketing & Fan Experience (FB, Storefront/Auctions)

Danny Leviton
Marketing & Fan Experience GA (VB, ROW, BSB)

Kyle Morrow
Marketing & Fan Experience GA (WBB, SB, S&D)

Lorretta Zachary
Administrative Assistant (Donations)