📸 Pick Six: Kirsten Pruett

Everyone has photos that help you relive your fondest memories and evoke strong emotions. Collegiate athletes are no different. Every week a Kansas softball senior student-athlete will select six of her favorite photos from their time with their KU teammates, whether on the field or off, in a new feature called “Pick Six.” Kirsten Pruett Headshot 2019-20

Senior Kirsten Pruett has been with the Jayhawks for the past two seasons serving as an arm on the KU pitching staff. She appeared in 18 games in those two seasons where she pitched 30.2 innings and struck out 16 batters.

#1 – The Dream

Kansas Jayhawks

Being a part of a Division 1 school much less a Big 12 school has always been a dream of mine. When I was young and people told me I would never make, it made me work harder to get here.


#2 – My High School Best Friend

Kansas Jayhawks

Getting to experience KU softball with my high school best friend and teammate (Shelby Hughston) was amazing.


#3 – The Competition

Kansas Jayhawks

Getting to compete every day and learn lessons to become better is something I will always thank KU for.


#4 – My Why

Kansas Jayhawks

This. This is my why, as a little girl who looked up to college softball players getting to be the one little girls look up to made me so happy.


#5 – My Cousins

Kansas Jayhawks

Speaking of little girls looking up to you, these are my little twin cousins and my best friends and biggest supporters. They make me laugh every day and they are my minis. Having them at my games made me so happy.


#6 – My Family

Kansas Jayhawks

Last but not least, my family. My family means the most to me through all of this. They never failed to somehow be a part of my games whether it be at the games or listening. They mean the world to me.


Special Message to My Dad

Thank you. Thank you for the countless hours you spent with me catching me (not on a bucket of course) I couldn’t have lived out my dream if it wasn’t for you. You push me to be my best at everything I do, and I can’t thank you enough. I love you past heaven ♥