📸 Pick Six: Sam Dellinger

Everyone has photos that help you relive your fondest memories and evoke strong emotions. Collegiate athletes are no different. Every week a Kansas softball senior student-athlete will select six of her favorite photos from their time with their KU teammates, whether on the field or off, in a new feature called “Pick Six.” Sam Dellinger Headshot 2019-20

Senior Sam Dellinger appeared in 108 games with the Jayhawks including 86 starts in the outfield during her three-year career at Kansas. She smashed seven home runs and finished with a .263 batting average (68-for-259) over the course of those three seasons.

#1 – Under the Lights

Kansas Jayhawks

This picture is one of my favorites from my senior year. It was from our first tournament where we were playing host Arizona State. We’d worked so hard all year to be ready for the season and it was nice to get back out on the dirt. Playing under the lights and rounding third to see my teammates at home plate so excited leaves me smiling even thinking about it now. It was also special because my family was in the stands watching!


#2 – Late Night in the Phog

Kansas Jayhawks

This was taken before we went out on the court for Late Night in the Phog. This picture is special to me because it has the whole team in it! We spend so much time together given our hectic schedules and we really couldn’t do it without each other. It’s a memory that I don’t think many will forget anytime soon!


#3 – How am I supposed to follow that?

Kansas Jayhawks

This picture is with one of my fellow seniors, Becki Monaghan. I absolutely love this picture and it was one of those moments that makes me laugh even now. While you’re always pumped for your teammate after they hit a homer, there’s always the running joke of “How am I supposed to follow that?!” I remember Becki giving me a hard time about it (just like I’d do to her) and we couldn’t help but laugh! Tough love with your teammates and constantly pushing each other … can’t really beat it!


#4 – Photo of the Week

Kansas Jayhawks

This picture was from my first weekend playing for KU Softball and was actually chosen as the NCAA Softball Photo of the Week. It was really special to be out on the dirt representing this university and having this picture put on the NCAA Softball page was pretty cool! Shout-out to Jeff Jacobsen’s incredible photography skills!


#5 – Celebration

Kansas Jayhawks

This picture shows one of our team rituals. Prior to every game, the team does a running heel click before we break it down and start the game, which we got Coach McFalls in on too after our wins! This is from our first win of the 2020 season, which came in run-rule fashion against Seattle. It was so special to celebrate that together and prove what we were capable of!


#6 – Final At-Bat

Kansas Jayhawks

This picture isn’t necessarily too exciting, but it is one of my favorites because it was one of my last at-bats. Our doubleheader at Arkansas was the last games we played before COVID-19 shut everything down. At the time I didn’t know that those were going to be our final games, but then again I’d say it’s pretty unusual to have a global pandemic hit! It just goes to show how important it is to always leave it all out on the field because you truly never know the last time you’ll get to lace up your cleats.