Policies and Procedures - 404D Disbursements: Margin of Excellence Accounts

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Updated 1/08


Purchases from Margin of Excellence (MOE) accounts must be for purposes which support the goals and objectives of Kansas Athletics; however, Margin of Excellence funds may not be used for payroll or personal service payments. If funds are to be used for gift reimbursement, entertainment or ticket expenses, the requestor must submit the names of all individuals involved and the purpose of the expense.

Individuals requesting items to be paid for from their Margin of Excellence temporarily restricted accounts must follow standard Kansas Athletics business office practices of requesting a purchase order (for more information see 403-Purchasing Procedures). Approval of purchase requisition will require Sport Supervisor and Chief Financial Officer signatures.

Margin Of Excellence Procurement Policy

Any item purchased with funds from a Margin of Excellence account is the property of Kansas Athletics. Once the item is no longer used by the sport or has been replaced (e.g., new computer replaces older model), the sport supervisor should be notified that the item is available for general department use. The item should not be sold to reimburse the Margin of Excellence account, unless it has been determined by the sport supervisor and Athletics Director that there is no existing departmental use of the item.

Account Status Reports

The Kansas Athletics prepares a monthly status report on each MOE account. Included in this report is a listing of expenditures and revenues for the preceding month.

The Chief Financial Officer reviews the reports to insure funds are being used appropriately. The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for reconciling the accounts with Kansas Athletics records.