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Updated 2/15






Official travel is defined as that which is essential to transact Kansas Athletics business.  Individual travel covers all approved travel by Kansas Athletics staff members on official Kansas Athletics business.  Travel in this category includes such activities as recruiting, fundraising, and attendance at conferences and professional meetings.  Authorization for travel will not be granted and expenses will not be reimbursed unless the travel arrangements are made according to this policy.

All travel expenses must be within budget constraints and be supported by the appropriate documentation for reimbursement purposes. Information regarding the documentation and reimbursement of travel expenses is found in Policy 404B, Disbursements: Travel and Entertainment.

Employees on official travel are expected to conduct themselves and Kansas Athletics’ business with integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws and Kansas Athletics and KU policies and procedures as well as NCAA rules and regulations.  Further, employees should exercise good judgment and travel on Athletics’ business in a cost-efficient manner.  Unauthorized excess costs, circuitous routes, delays, or luxury accommodations and services unnecessary or unjustified in the performance of official business are not compensable.  Travelers are responsible for unauthorized costs and any additional expenses incurred for personal preference or convenience.

Prior approval for individual travel is required. 

Recruiting Travel

Travel for recruiting purposes must be authorized by the Sports Supervisor and approved by the Athletics Compliance office.  The Sport Supervisor approves the impact that the travel will have on the sport’s budget. The Athletics Compliance Office confirms that the travel is permissible within NCAA rules and regulations.

Individuals approved for recruiting travel are responsible for arranging their own travel itinerary through the assistance of the Kansas Athletics Travel Coordinators.

NCAA Documentation Requirements

All off-campus recruiting activities including but not limited to contact and evaluation of a prospective student-athlete (prospect’s  parent(s), legal guardian(s), coach or other individual associated with the prospect) must be documented on the appropriate form designated by the Athletics Compliance office. This form must be submitted with the expense report at the conclusion of travel.

See Policy 502A, Student-Athletes:  Recruitment, for additional information.

Non-Recruiting Travel

Individual staff travel may be approved for official purposes including, but not limited to, attendance at professional meetings, workshops and/or conferences.  All official travel requests must be within the budgetary limitations of the sport or administrative area and subject to Kansas Athletics travel policies.

Staff members may not claim expenses which are to be reimbursed by a source outside Kansas Athletics.  Approval for official travel is granted based on the availability of funds, time away from work and determined benefit to the athletics program.

Speaking Engagements

Staff members are encouraged to accept appropriate speaking engagements; however, every effort should be made to minimize or avoid any cost to Kansas Athletics.  Reimbursement for expenses incurred in association with speaking engagements or while making public appearances as a representative of Kansas Athletics is limited and subject to the following limitations:

1.       The purpose of the speech must concern some aspect of intercollegiate athletics, Kansas Athletics or the speech must be presented to a recognized sports association or organization.

2.       If an honorarium is paid, the amount of expense reimbursement is limited to costs incurred by the speaker which are in excess of the honorarium.

3.        Reimbursement for speaking engagements which require travel must be approved, in advance, by the Director of Athletics.  Additionally, with the Director’s approval, expenses incurred while attending a speaking engagement may be reimbursed, if the event is associated with alumni groups and/or major athletics program contributors.

4.        All speaking engagements and attendances by a coach or other Kansas Athletics staff member to a prospect’s educational institution or to an event that involves a prospective student-athlete must be approved by the Athletics Compliance office.

See Policy 603B, Coaches and Administrators:  Outside Employment and Promotional Activities, in this Manual for additional information.

Cash Advances

Small cash advances for individual travel may be available and must be approved in advance by the individual’s supervisor.

Within five regular working days (Monday-Friday) after the traveler has returned, expense reports should be completed through the Business Office travel software.  Receipts must be scanned and attached.  Any cash remaining from the advance must be returned at this time to Kansas Athletics. A subsequent trip request and cash advance request cannot be authorized unless an expense report and cash settlement has been made for a previous trip. Money owed back to Kansas Athletics must be paid via cash or check.  Credit card payments are not allowed.

Allowances and Documentation

Staff members are to use established, ethical business practices when traveling on official Kansas Athletics business.  Travel reimbursements are limited to actual expenses incurred for transportation, meals, lodging, and related business expenses.  Staff members are responsible for all expenses of spouses or other dependents who may accompany them on trips.  Original receipts are required for the following expenses:

1.         Lodging;
2.         Registration fees;
3.         Car rental;
4.         Taxi or limousine service;
5.         Parking or toll charges;
6.         Gasoline charges; and
7.         Banquet or entertainment meals (in excess of the maximum daily per diem).

Miscellaneous expenses are subject to approval and must also be supported by a receipt.  Travelers are not reimbursed for alcohol, movies, personal phone calls, magazines, laundry, car washes, shoe shines or other such personal expenses.

No receipts, No reimbursement. A missing receipt form may be used if a receipt was not provided by the vendor or if there is a legitimate business reason for not having the receipt.  The missing receipt form is located on the Business Portal.

Spousal/Guest Travel

It is the policy of Kansas Athletics that, when a spouse and/or children accompany an employee who is traveling on official business for Kansas Athletics, Kansas Athletics will not pay the travel expenses of the spouse and/or children, unless provided for by an employment contract.  The Athletics Director must approve any exceptions to this policy, such as post-season tournament travel, in advance in writing.

When, pursuant to an approved exception or contractual arrangement, Kansas Athletics pays the travel expenses of the spouse and/or children, Kansas Athletics will report the following amounts as taxable income to the employee:


  • Cost of transportation.  An exception exists which apply to charter flights.  If 50% or more of the charter flight capacity is filled by officials performing business functions at the event, IRS allows individuals to fill the excess charter flight capacity with spouse and/or children without taxable consequences for the flight.  Additional aircraft may not be chartered, however, if the official party can be accommodated in one aircraft and chartering a second aircraft is primarily for the purpose of accommodating non-official travelers under this exception.
  • Additional cost for hotel room(s) – If the hotel cost is the same for one or two occupants, spousal lodging would not be considered taxable income
  • Other expenses including the value of admission tickets.


The University airplanes are State airplanes and are operated and financed with State funds. Ordinarily, University policy prohibits spouses and/or children on these flights because they do not have an official university business purpose for their travel.  Exceptions to this policy must be approved in advance in writing by the Chief Business and Financial Planning Officer and by the Chancellor.

Air Transportation

All air travel must be made through the Kansas Athletics approved travel agency.  Any other air travel will not be reimbursed.  First-class air travel rates will not be paid unless approved by the sports supervisor or Athletics Director due to special circumstances.

The corporate travel coordinators must be notified immediately when travel plans are changed or canceled.  Canceled, non-refundable tickets or tickets ordered without the assistance of the corporate travel coordinators are the responsibility of the individual.

Airport Parking

Airport parking fees are reimbursable at any airport parking at no more than twenty-two dollars per day.

Private Planes


Athletics personnel may have an opportunity to fly on aircraft made available by donors for business purposes.  Use of private aircraft by coaches and non-coaches must be approved in advance by the Deputy Athletics Director. The Compliance Office will review use by coaches.  Kansas Athletics insurance coverage is only valid for non-owned aircraft (i.e. not state airplanes) that have 12 or fewer seats (including the pilot(s)).  In addition, use of aircraft made available by donors for official University business shall be subject to requirements listed in the University Aircraft policy (see http://www.policy.ku.edu/provost/aircraft-policy) and shall be reported in advance to University Aviation Services for verification by the Director at least two weeks before scheduling the flight.

University requirements for private aircraft travel, including charter flights, must meet the KU requirements found at http://www.policy.ku.edu/provost/aircraft-policy.

University Plane
All use of the University Plane must be approved by Athletics Director prior to the flight date Use of a university plane by a coach must also be approved in advance by the Deputy Athletics Director and reviewed by the Compliance Office.   Spouses, children, and guests are not permitted to fly on University non-commercial aircraft unless they have a University business purpose that is documented and verified by the Director of Aviation Services before the flight occurs.

Rail Travel

Travel by rail must be booked through the Kansas Athletics corporate travel agency.  Employees are permitted to travel via rail transportation at standard coach accommodations when the journey is for less than four (4) hours.  For continuous rail journeys requiring more than four (4) hours travel time, travelers are permitted to book one seat in a sleeping car or club car.

Accommodations superior to a standard lower berth may be approved based on certification that the accommodation was the lowest first-class fare available at the time of reservation.

Automobile Transportation

Automobile transportation may be used to save time when common carrier transportation is not conveniently available to outlying areas, or to reduce expenses when two (2) or more Kansas Athletics employees are making a trip.  Kansas Athletics employees needing transportation to a common destination should make every effort to use one automobile whenever feasible.

Gas receipts for rental cars or Kansas Athletics vans are reimbursed; personal or dealer cars are reimbursed at a per mile rate. Kansas Athletics Staff will receive the current IRS reimbursement rate of mileage for use of their personal cars when on official Kansas Athletics business.  Mileage rate for staff who have a Wheel Club car or receive an automobile stipend is 50% of the current IRS reimbursement rate per mile.

Employees using their privately owned vehicles for Kansas Athletics approved business
must demonstrate proof of insurance.  A copy of a current Certificate of Insurance or copy of the insurance policy must be on file with the Business Office.

Rental Cars

Rental car arrangements must be made through the corporate travel agency.  Rental cars may be approved when no alternate mode of transportation is possible or practicable or when there is a demonstrated cost savings over other modes of transportation and use of the rental car is not strictly for convenience.  Collision insurance is not needed.
Rental cars should be returned with a full tank of gas to avoid fuel surcharges.

Taxi and limousine service expenses are reimbursable on a limited basis when other local transportation methods are not readily available.  Receipts are required for all trips.

Per Diem Reimbursement Rates

Per Diem reimbursements are calculated using the meal calculator which available through the Business Portal or the Business Office travel software

Per Diem for foreign travel (outside continent) will be handled on a case-by-case basis and is based on the IRS guidelines.  The per diem amounts can be at the following website: http://aoprals.state.gov/web920/per_diem.asp

Meal Reimbursement Policy for One Day travel

You may claim meal reimbursement for one day travel after 5 hours of time.

If you leave between 12:01 am – 6 am &
Return between 5:01 am & 12:00 pm (after 5 hours total) = breakfast  allowed
Return between 12:01 pm & 6:00 pm = breakfast & lunch allowed
Return 6:01 pm & midnight = breakfast, lunch and dinner allowed.

If you leave between 6:01 am – 12:00 noon &
Return between 11:01 am & 6 pm (after 5 hrs total) = lunch allowed
Return between 6:01 pm & midnight = lunch & dinner allowed.

If you leave between 12:01 pm – 6 pm &
Return between 5:01 pm & midnight (after 5 hrs total) = dinner allowed

Subsistence Reduction will be determined by the meal calculator.

Business Entertainment

Kansas Athletics recognizes the value of promoting its program not only to cultivate potential donors but also to interface with the general public and organizations having a public purpose.  Kansas Athletics allows staff members, generally administrators and coaches, involved in official Kansas Athletics business which requires the entertainment of individuals outside the University, to incur reasonable entertainment expenses.  Such expenses are subject to the approval of the Director of Athletics and must:

  • Be limited to the expense reimbursement amounts set forth in KU policy: http://policy.ku.edu/business-financial/entertainment-reimbursement
  • Benefit Kansas Athletics
  • Comply with all University policies, Conference and NCAA rules and regulations
  • Comply with all expense reporting procedures.

Entertainment of another staff member is NOT a reimbursable expense, unless there is a clearly articulated business purpose.  EXAMPLE: Two staff members are traveling together and one pays the lunch bill for both. This is NOT an entertainment expense and cannot be submitted as such. The proper action would be for both staff members to claim appropriate subsistence allowances and to settle with each other as desired.

Documentation for reimbursement of entertainment expenses should include:
1.         An original receipt (credit card receipt or actual imprinted receipt)
2.         Name(s) of individual(s) entertained
3.         Business affiliation of individual(s) entertained and relationship (established or proposed) to Kansas Athletics
4.         Date of entertainment
5.         Location (name of establishment and city)
6.         Reason for entertainment (e.g. recruiting, fund raising, advancement of goodwill, etc.).

The reimbursement or payment of business meals and entertainment expenses is a privilege extended by Kansas Athletics for the enhancement of legitimate business purposes.  All Kansas Athletics staff members are responsible for ensuring that the privilege is not abused and that only legitimate purposes are served.  Reimbursement for legitimate business expenses is obtained by submitting a Travel Report through the Business Office travel software.

Registration Fees

When a staff member has received prior approval from the appropriate supervisor to attend a conference, seminar or official business meeting, the registration fees are reimbursed.  However, all incurred costs, within reason, must be appropriately documented.  Documentation may include the official printed materials listing fees covered by registration costs.

Prior to attending or participating in a conference, seminar, clinic, camp, convention or other sport related activity, all coaches and individuals with sport specific responsibilities must receive approval from the Sport Supervisor and the Athletics Compliance office.

Incidental Expenses

In general, Kansas Athletics reimburses the traveler for expenses incidental to official travel (e.g. gratuities not to exceed 20%, telephone, typing, fax, etc.).  A detailed accounting of such expenses with any available receipts must be included on the expense account report.

Non-reimbursable incidental travel expenses include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

1.         Personal expenses (i.e., newspapers, toiletries, etc.);
2.         Shoe shines, laundry and dry cleaning expenses;
3.         Personal phone calls;
4.         Alcoholic beverages; and
5.         Any other items not specifically permitted.

Expense Reports for Travel Reimbursement

All expense reports are submitted through the Business Office travel software for reimbursement.  The traveler is responsible for initiating the form and submitting it to the Business Office for processing within five (5) business days after the conclusion of the trip.  See Policy 404 B, Disbursements, for more information.

No Receipts, No Reimbursement.  A missing receipt form may be used if a receipt was not provided by the vendor or if there is a legitimate business reason for not having the receipt.  The missing receipt form is located on the Business Portal.