Policies and Procedures - 701B Travel: Teams

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Updated 10/08


Kansas Athletics is committed to following all Conference and NCAA rules and regulations related to transporting student-athletes to and from practice and competition sites. Kansas Athletics rules take precedence when the NCAA does not address the issue at hand or when the NCAA rule is less stringent. Since team travel represents a major expense to Kansas Athletics, individuals involved in making such arrangements must strive to negotiate terms which are in the best interest of Kansas Athletics. Moreover, when warranted by travel party size and associated costs, transportation and lodging arrangements may be let out for bid.

Once the competitive schedule has been approved, each Head Coach should immediately begin to plan the team’s home and away trips. Arrangements and travel itineraries for Kansas Athletics team travel for all sports are coordinated by the Travel Coordinator as requested by each sport’s Head Coach. All travel arrangements and expenses are subject to the review and approval of the Associate Athletics Director/Internal Affairs. (See Policy 405B, Disbursements: Travel and Entertainment Expenses, in this Manual for financial arrangements related to travel.)

Official travel parties must be designated in advance by the sport’s Head Coach and are subject to the approval by the Director of Athletics, with final approval granted by the Chancellor.

Travel Coordinator Responsibilities

The Travel Coordinator coordinates all travel arrangements, as requested by each Head Coach. All information should be submitted to the Travel Coordinator by the following deadlines:

  • June 1, for all fall sports;
  • August 15, for all winter sports; and
  • December 15, for all spring sports.

Requests are processed in the order they are submitted with all timely requests honored before those submitted after the deadline. In general, the Travel Coordinator is responsible for the following travel arrangements:

  1. Developing the travel itinerary;
  2. Completing travel authorization paperwork;
  3. Arranging for transportation, lodging and team meals.

Travel Itineraries Travel itineraries are developed by the Travel Coordinator based on the Away and Home Travel Planner forms submitted by the Head Coach. Each itinerary includes the following information:

  1. Departure date and time;
  2. Mode of transportation and name of carrier (e.g. airline, bus, charter company, etc.);
  3. Lodging accommodations;
  4. Telephone contact number at destination;
  5. Anticipated time of return to campus.

Finalized copies of all itineraries are made available to Kansas Athletics staff on a weekly basis.

Team Travel Advances

Cash advances for team travel are issued to cover per diem meal, travel expenses and gas based on each team’s travel allowance. A separate advance is required for each trip. The advance form must be signed by the person requesting the funds, his/her immediate supervisor and the Sport Supervisor. Cash advance requests must be submitted to the Athletics Business Office twenty-four (24) hours in advance of when the check is needed. These advance checks will not be cashed in the Athletics Business Office or other Kansas Athletics departments.

Each team travel report requires an Itinerary, Official Team Travel List, Rooming List and Per Diem form signed and dated by those receiving the per diem funds. The Per Diem sheet should be signed at the time the funds are received.

o Security of Funds

Due to the high risk of carrying large amounts of cash while traveling, cash advances should immediately be converted to traveler’s checks by the employee. In addition, while traveling, hotel safes should be utilized routinely to safeguard negotiable Kansas Athletics assets.

Reconciliation of Advances

All cash advances must be settled within five (5) days of the expenditure or conclusion of the trip, by completing an Expense Report form and submitting receipts (in chronological order) to the Kansas Athletics Business Office. The custodian of the funds is responsible for the settlement of the account. All accounts which have not been settled within ten (10) days are referred to the Director of Business Operations for resolution with no additional funds made available until settlement. Any expenditures over the advanced amount are reimbursed to the employee based on appropriate receipts.

Travel Accommodations

All expenses incurred by a sport’s team when traveling must be within budgetary constraints and meet Kansas Athletics, Conference and NCAA guidelines. The Travel Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all travel accommodations. However, requests for commitment of funds over the approved budget are subject to the approval of the Director of Athletics. Depending upon team size, the amount of required travel and related costs (e.g. transportation, lodging, meals, etc.), all or part of the travel accommodations may be let out for bid, as described in Policy 404, Purchasing Procedures, in this Manual.


The mode of transportation for team travel is selected by the Head Coach, based upon the following considerations:

  1. Safety;
  2. Expense;
  3. Distance;
  4. Availability; and
  5. Number of travel days; with special consideration given to
  6. Unusual circumstances, such as inclement weather, exam schedules, etc.

In general, chartered buses are used for team travel. Airline transportation is reserved for long distance travel (over 300 miles) and for travel to national meets and contests. All air travel is subject to Kansas Athletics’ requirements. All special discounts (see “Air Transportation” in Policy 601A in this Manual for a listing of special discounts) should be used when available.

Ground Travel

Ground transportation must be utilized for all travel to destinations of 300 miles or less. Teams are not eligible to use air transportation for destinations within a 300 mile radius.

The Travel Coordinator orders all buses, vans and cars as needed. If not using a bus, Head Coaches are responsible for ensuring that vehicles are driven by approved drivers. Additionally, the Head Coach should be in the lead vehicle and within sight of all other vehicles in the traveling party. Team travel plans should include driver rotation and rest stops every four (4) hours.

Head Coaches are responsible for ensuring that the vehicle is cleaned before it is returned to the Motor Pool. Upon return, the mileage record and any vehicle problems should be reported to the Olympic Equipment Room.


All lodging accommodations are ordered as listed by the Head Coach on the Home and Away Contest Planner forms. Normally, all lodging charges are billed directly to Kansas Athletics.

To minimize costs, all teams are required to assign two (2) players to a room. Under no circumstances may more than one student-athlete be assigned to a bed. Single room accommodations are used to accommodate an odd number of staff or student-athletes.

Student-athletes must stay with their teammates at the assigned lodging. Exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the Head Coach with the approval of the Director of Athletics. Additionally, coaches and staff traveling with the team are also expected to stay at the assigned lodgings.

Telephones are to be shut off in all student rooms to comply with NCAA policy. In-room movies are to be shut off in all staff rooms to comply with Kansas Athletics’ policy.


Student-athletes may be fed as a team or given a per diem meal allowance. The amount of the meal allowance must not exceed the maximum reimbursement for the meal permitted under regulations governing employee travel. Higher per diem rates may be granted based on the away site’s locale. Coaches are encouraged to arrange team meals so that the student-athletes receive a balanced diet and are not tempted to skip meals. Kansas Athletics has set a 15% limit on gratuities unless the eating establishment requires a higher percentage for large groups.

Each student-athlete receiving a per diem must acknowledge receipt of the money by signing the Travel List/Meal Money Disbursement sheet. A Travel List/Meal Disbursement Sheet must account for each day of travel, and must specify each meal’s cash allotment in the bottom section. It must also be signed and dated.

o Fourth Meal

As allowed by NCAA rules, a fourth meal may be permitted on game day. Should student-athletes be given cash in lieu of a purchased meal (i.e. group dinner) the rate is to be equal to the maximum amount permitted by Kansas Athletics travel regulations.

o Employee Meals

Employees traveling as part of the team party receive per diem for their meals, to a maximum equal to the meal allowance provided to student-athlete team members and not to exceed the maximum amount permitted by Kansas Athletics travel regulations (if eat team meals per diem for that meal must be subtracted).

Team Travel Requirements

In general, all team members must travel to and from an away event with their teammates, though exceptions may be granted. Any such exceptions are at the discretion of the Head Coach, with the approval of the Director of Athletics, the Senior Associate Athletic Director or the Associate Athletic Director/Senior Woman Administrator, as appropriate. Additionally, student-athletes 18 years of age or younger may not travel apart from the team without written parental approval.

When approval is granted to travel separately, the student-athlete must sign a Travel Release. This form releases Kansas Athletics from any liability or risk involved in the alternate travel plans.

Standards of Conduct

As representatives of Kansas Athletics, student-athletes are expected to conduct themselves in an honorable manner at all times. To ensure that each student-athlete knows what constitutes acceptable behavior, the Head Coach is responsible for setting standards of team conduct during trips. Specific conduct standards may include dress code, individual conduct, curfews and free time activities. Additionally, the Student-Athlete Handbook specifies in detail team travel rules and conduct expectations.

Team Entertainment

The Director of Athletics is authorized to approve reasonable entertainment expenditures for team members and official members of the traveling party. All entertainment expenses must receive prior approval and be supported by receipts and a list identifying all participants. Staff members’ expenses for group entertainment are covered in travel party costs. However, employees are not reimbursed for individual entertainment expenses (e.g. movies, snacks, etc.).

Postseason Championship Travel

The NCAA Travel Handbook sets forth policies governing transportation to NCAA meets, tournaments and committee meetings. In general, the NCAA guarantees payment of round-trip transportation expenses for all qualified teams and individual competitors to the site of the competition. Ground transportation costs are submitted by the Travel Coordinator to the NCAA for reimbursement. All air travel reservations must be made through the NCAA Travel Service.

Employee Guidelines

Certain benefits allowed by the NCAA to student-athletes are explicitly prohibited to employees despite their inclusion as a member of the official travel party. Except where specific exceptions are made within this policy, travel by individual employees is governed by Kansas Athletics’ travel policy.

The following rules and regulations apply to expenses incurred by employees while traveling as an official member of the team’s travel party:

  1. The Director of Athletics or a Head Coach may be reimbursed for expenses incurred in the entertainment of officials of competing schools, as approved by the Chancellor.
  2. Employees traveling with the team are not eligible for any per diem allowances for incidental expenses permitted by the NCAA for student-athletes.
  3. Employees traveling with the team are not eligible for porter expenses for each day in transit.
  4. Employees may not file individual expense reports for reimbursement of expenses associated with team travel. However, employees identified as “guests” traveling with a team may submit travel expenses, as provided in Policy 701A, Travel Individual Staff Members.