Policies and Procedures - 702A Scheduling: Events

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Updated 1/08


Schedules are constructed for all sports in order to provide competitive equity while remaining within budgetary constraints and applicable University, Conference and NCAA rules and regulations. All schedules are subject to the final approval of the Director of Athletics or the appropriate Program Administrator.

Rules and Regulations

As a member of the NCAA, as well as the Big Twelve Conference, the University of Kansas is bound by the rules and regulations governing playing and practice seasons. Specifically, the NCAA has established limitations on times and dates for athletically related activities to ensure that athletics participation does not limit a student-athlete’s ability to secure a well-rounded education. (See Policy 702B, Scheduling: Practices, for information on athletically related activities.) Regulations governing practice and competition schedules per sport are contained in Bylaw 17 of the NCAA Manual.

The Big Twelve scheduling procedures conform to the NCAA guidelines; however, coaches are reminded that Conference games are to be scheduled and approved before the scheduling of any non-Conference event.

Declaration of Playing Season

In compliance with NCAA rules and regulations, each Head Coach is required to complete the sport’s Declaration of Playing Season form and submit it to Compliance Office for compliance review and approval prior to the start of the season. This form includes information on traditional and non-traditional segments for the sport and lists any contest exemptions.

The NCAA permits a change in the declared playing season at any time, provided the change is documented in writing and on file in the Compliance Office.

Schedule Construction

The Head Coach of each sport is responsible for initiating and submitting a preliminary schedule of competitive events to the Sport Supervisor.

Deadlines for submitting preliminary schedules are set annually by the Sport Supervisor responsible for each program, with Head Coaches informed of the deadlines through Kansas Athletics memorandum. In addition to NCAA and Conference limitations, the following factors must be considered in the construction of schedules:

  1. Income and expenses involved for each contest (as determined by any guarantee versus estimated costs) and the potential impact on the allocated budget;
  2. Academic and holiday schedules (with special attention given to reading days and exam schedules);
  3. Class absences required for each contest, including both home and away events;
  4. Balance between number and spacing of home and away contests;
  5. Caliber of opponents (balance between outstanding, average and weak);
  6. Management of away competitions to minimize time away from campus and travel costs;
  7. Availability of facilities for home contests;
  8. Competition dates for other prominent sports, tournaments and meets and championship/bowl events;
  9. Establishment of favorable reciprocal agreements and exiting commitments (see “Contracts for Events” below); and
  10. Avoidance of conflicts with other home events.

The following information must be included on the schedule:

  • Opponent;
  • Place;
  • Facility;
  • Date/Time, and if it is an away event;
  • Departure date/time;
  • Day(s) of the week;
  • Total classes to be missed; and
  • Return date/time.

Schedule Approvals

All sports schedules are subject to the final approval of the Director of Athletics. Prior to submitting the final schedule for the Director’s approval, the Sport Supervisor, as appropriate, analyzes each sport’s schedule to ensure that the schedule does not require any student-athlete to miss an excessive number of class periods in any course. Sports Supervisors will provide copies to the Assistant Director Athletics/Compliance and the Associate Director of Athletics/Student Service for additional review. Once approved, copies of the schedule are distributed by the Sports Supervisor to Media Relations.

Schedule Changes

Once approved by the Director of Athletics, a sport’s competition schedule is considered official, and may not be added to or changed in any manner without the change being reviewed by the Sport Supervisor in charge of the affected sport. In concert with the Athletics Director, they will evaluate the requested schedule change to determine how the date, time change and travel schedule may affect the student-athlete and the overall master schedule for the intercollegiate athletics program.


Cancellations of scheduled competitions are permitted, as circumstances require. The Head Coach, in conjunction with the Director of Athletics, has been granted the authority to cancel an athletic event after reviewing all available options.

As time permits, a written notification of the cancellation or any other change to the schedule is disseminated immediately by the Sport Supervisor to all Kansas Athletics staff.

Contracts for Events

It is the policy of Kansas Athletics to honor all provisions agreed to in contracts entered into by Kansas Athletics. A contractual document is required for all intercollegiate sports competitions whether or not a guarantee is involved. The Director of Athletics is authorized to execute standard, athletically-related contractual agreements on behalf of the University of Kansas. This may be delegated to sports supervisors, as appropriate. (See Policy 412, Business Contracts, for additional information.)

Copies of all contracts are kept on file with the Sports Supervisor. The Corporate Counsel must review all contracts.