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Updated 7/05


Kansas Athletics is committed to providing and maintaining all athletic equipment necessary for its sports programs. The Assistant Director of Athletics/Equipment oversees the equipment room. The Equipment Managers are responsible for coordinating equipment room operations, supervising equipment room personnel and ensuring compliance with all applicable University, Conference and NCAA rules and regulations.

Equipment room staff is responsible for the documentation, distribution and return of athletic equipment that is utilized by student-athletes. Following the initial distribution, any further equipment, including apparel, is available strictly on a one-for-one exchange basis. As stated in NCAA Bylaw, it is not permissible for a student-athlete to accept (without personal expense) athletic equipment, supplies, or clothing (i.e. tennis racquet, golf clubs, shirts, shoes, etc.) from a manufacturer or commercial enterprise. These items may be provided to the institution to be utilized by the team in accordance with Kansas Athletics normal policy for the issuance and retrieval of athletic equipment and apparel. However, at the end of a student-athlete’s collegiate participation, it is permissible for him/her to retain some athletics apparel items (not to include equipment), as designated by NCAA rules and approved by the Director of Athletics.

However, student-athletes may be permitted to retain unusable apparel upon written permission of the Director of Athletics. Unusable apparel is defined as any athletic apparel which cannot be reused by other team members during subsequent seasons. The Equipment Room Apparel Release Request Form stating the reason for the request is submitted to the Compliance Office by the Head Coach and then the Director of Athletics for signatory approval of the release. The form is then filed in the equipment room and made available to state auditors upon request.

Equipment Room

The following services are provided by equipment room staff:

  • Proper fitting and issuance of all athletic equipment;
  • Time of exchange of practice clothing;
  • Maintenance, repair or replacement of equipment to safety standards;
  • Issuance of game uniforms;
  • Maintenance of game equipment;
  • Laundry services; and
  • Visiting teams and officials’ services (in cooperation with the Facility Operations and Events staff).

Operating Hours

General operating hours for the equipment room is Monday through Friday, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Equipment room personnel provide extended practice and event coverage as follows:

  • Football, all practices and competitions (home and away);
  • Men’s and Women’s Basketball, all home games;
  • Baseball and Softball (weekend laundry service);

Sports not designated to receive extended coverage are issued weekend game equipment prior to 4:30 p.m. on Friday.

Athletic Equipment Procurement

The Assistant Director of Athletics/Equipment or designated Assistant Equipment Manager is responsible for coordinating purchase order requests for the entire Kansas Athletics to include all intercollegiate teams.

All Kansas Athletics purchasing procedures are followed in the procurement of athletic equipment. Coaches are responsible for verifying equipment on-hand prior to requesting additional equipment. When necessary, vendor meetings are scheduled for the ordering of specific items (i.e. new uniforms) by the Head Coach or Equipment Manager in order to review available merchandise and make order decisions regarding brand, material, color, design, logos, sizes, etc.

The request is then submitted by the he Assistant Director of Athletics/Equipment or Assistant Equipment Manager to the Chief Financial Officer, who reviews it to ensure that all required information is provided and approves the request based on available funds. Requests are then channeled to the Department of Purchasing, as indicated in Policy 404, Purchasing Procedures in this Manual.

Kansas Athletics assumes financial responsibility for only those items approved by the Chief Financial Officer and processed according to University and Kansas Athletics policies and procedures. Any purchase made or order placed outside the University’s official purchasing system becomes the responsibility of the person making the commitment. General purchasing guidelines are as follows:

  1. Equipment budgets are funded for bona fide items at levels to provide the safest quality equipment sufficient for each sport’s requirements during the fiscal year.
  2. All equipment requests must be submitted in punctual fashion, providing sufficient lead time to ensure receipt prior to each sport’s season. Suggested order deadlines for seasonal sports are as follows:
    1. Fall Sports: April 1;
    2. Winter Sports: July 1; and
    3. Spring Sports: August 1.

    Early requests provide equipment suppliers a better opportunity to fill orders successfully from existing inventory.

  3. Commonly used items (e.g. socks, sweats, towels, etc.) are ordered in bulk quantities by the Equipment Manager in the spring of each year.
  4. All requisitions must include the following information:
    1. Cost estimates, including unit and total prices (Prices may be obtained through vendor’s previous bids or dealer-suggested price). All price quotes must be signed by the vendor;
    2. Exact manufacturer’s specifications, including any applicable descriptions and stock numbers; and
    3. Suggested suppliers and bid sources.
  • Team Colors/LogosThe University of Kansas official team colors are:PMS 293 Kansas Blue
    PMS 186 Crimson
    PMS 116 Yellow

    All Athletics teams will wear exclusively adidas apparel, unless prior approval granted from Director of Athletics. Coaches are responsible for ordering the official colors and proper logos for all exterior uniform items worn. The equipment managers are available to assist in the selection and ordering of uniforms and will help to ensure proper use of team colors and logos.

    Receiving and Distribution

    All items are to be delivered to the designated Equipment Room and inventoried prior to distribution. The Equipment Managers are responsible for completing the required Receiving Report, inventory documentation and proper storage of all equipment.

    Immediately upon receipt, all goods are to be verified against the Receiving Report by the Equipment Manager to ensure that all components are received in good condition and proper quantity. Receiving Reports are sent immediately to the Business Office to insure timely payment of accounts.

  • Items Received by CoachesRegarding athletically related equipment and apparel received at their homes or offices, coaches are responsible for reporting such equipment and apparel to their assigned Equipment Room for inclusion on the Inventory List. This directive is to be followed whether the item(s) was purchased or received free of charge for their personal use or the use of their teams. Non-compliance may result in appropriate disciplinary action, as determined by the Director of Athletics.
  • Back Orders or Damaged GoodsWhen equipment is back ordered, the Equipment Manager is permitted to contact the vendor directly to check on the shipment’s status. Damaged goods are reported via the Receiving Report with returns handled as designated by the vendor. (See Policy 404, Purchasing Procedures, in this Manual for additional information on the receipt of goods.)Maintenance, Repair and Inventory

    Athletic equipment is to be maintained in optimum condition at all times. The Equipment Room Staff is responsible for coordinating the on-going inspection of all athletic equipment and for coordinating repairs or ordering replacements, as deemed necessary.

    The equipment room staff is responsible for conducting an annual inventory of expendable goods during the months of May and June. Inventory results are utilized in the budget preparation process for the upcoming fiscal year and as a means of identifying chronic abuse or loss of equipment.

    Issuance of Equipment to Student-Athletes

    Kansas Athletics provides only the highest quality equipment with optimum safety features to its student-athletes. Each Head Coach is responsible for scheduling the issuance of equipment with the appropriate equipment room. Student-athletes are eligible to receive equipment when they have achieved the following:

    1. Academic clearance from the Associate Athletic Director/Student Services;
    2. NCAA clearance from the Compliance Office;
    3. Medical clearance from the Head Athletic Trainer; and
    4. Athletic clearance from the Head Coach.

    Prior to receiving equipment, all student-athletes are required to complete an Equipment Card, receive a locker assignment and complete fitting procedures. The Assistant Director of Athletics/Equipment and Head Coaches are responsible for educating the student-athlete as to applicable NCAA rules regarding equipment usage and its return.

    Student-athletes are responsible for all athletic equipment and apparel issued to them. After the initial issuance of equipment, subsequent equipment items are available strictly on a one-for-one exchange basis. Furthermore, student-athletes are responsible for their own equipment when traveling.

    It is an NCAA violation for the Equipment Room Staff to launder personal items of a student-athlete. Please restrict items put on the laundry pins to those issued by the Equipment Room.

  • Equipment Issuance and ExchangeAll new equipment issued from the equipment rooms must be scheduled prior to 2:00 p.m., Monday – Friday. Equipment exchanges are scheduled from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Practice gear is laundered and returned to the locker room by 10:00 a.m. the day after practice.Equipment Return

    Each student-athlete who is issued equipment is responsible for returning it in good condition (allowing for normal wear-and-tear), following criteria established by the Equipment Manager.

    In general, all student-athletes are required to return their equipment within one (1) week after the close of their sport’s season. All in-season equipment must be returned before the team can be eligible to receive practice clothes for off-season workouts. All off-season teams are required to turn in practice clothes items by the last day of spring semester classes.

    Lost Equipment

    Each individual is held responsible for all equipment that is issued for personal use. Lost, stolen and/or damaged (beyond normal wear and tear) equipment is charged to the individual student-athlete’s account, as determined by the Equipment Manager. More importantly, lost or stolen equipment is not replaced without the written approval of the Head Coach.

    Any equipment that is not returned at the end of the season is billed to the student-athlete’s account. Any outstanding charges may cause a student-athlete’s account to have a hold placed on it and will not be allowed to register for the upcoming semester or receive additional equipment until the account is settled.

    Laundry Services

    The Laundry Rooms are supervised by the Equipment Managers and operated by student workers. The Equipment Managers are responsible for providing all laundry services. All items to be laundered are to be placed in the proper receptacles immediately following competitions or practices. Only items issued by the Equipment Room may be laundered by Equipment Room staff, in compliance with NCAA regulations. Personal items may not be laundered by Equipment Room staff.

    The laundry room operates from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday. Additional laundry services (weekends/holidays) are scheduled by the Equipment Manager based on each sport’s needs.