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Updated 01/16


Policies and procedures governing Athletics use of athletic facilities are  enforced through the efforts of the Associate Athletics Director/Operations and Capital Projects.  Athletics’ staff members and student-athletes are expected to comply with all rules regarding facility use.  Of primary importance are the prevention of injuries to student-athletes and spectators alike and the maintenance of facilities and equipment in optimal condition.  Athletics administration is charged with the responsibility to review and determine the use of all of its facilities on an on-going basis.

The Associate Athletics Director/Operations and Capital Projects coordinates the use of athletic facilities for the intercollegiate athletics program (with the exception of the weight training facilities, the athletic training facilities and the aquatic facilities).  Athletics facilities are prioritized, according to facility and sport.  Within the athletics program, in-season sports are given top priority with revenue sports granted highest priority.  Inclement weather may require a revision of existing facilities’ schedules.

Athletics controls the maintenance and use of all athletic facilities which are owned by the University but operated by Athletics.  The Associate Athletics Director/Operations and Capital Projects maintains a master schedule of all practice and event schedules and is responsible for disseminating notifications of any schedule changes.  Additionally, the Associate Athletics Director/Operations and Capital Projects has developed a Home Game Management Manual for all sports.  Specific information regarding facilities usage during home events may be found in this manual.

Outside Use of Athletic Facilities

Outside groups may be permitted to use Athletics facilities if the usage is viewed by the athletics department to be beneficial to Kansas Athletics, KU, or the community and the usage does not negatively impact the use of these facilities for intercollegiate competition.
Examples of the events that are considered beneficial are events that would allow prospective students use of the facilities for special organized events/tournaments, such as the Sunflower State Games or Kansas State High School Activities Association state or regional championship events; special university events that require facilities with capacities met by the athletics facilities; or university intramural championship events.
Priority for use of Athletics’ facilities is for team meets and practices.  In addition, Kansas Athletics  may refuse use of the facilities, if:

1.       Scheduling conflicts occur (facilities are not available at the time requested);

2.       The meetings or events sponsored solely by a non-University organization are strictly for political or religious purposes;

3.       The nature of the activity is assessed to potentially cause serious disruption;

4.       The purpose of the activity is prohibited by either federal, state or local statute, or university regulations; or

5.       An event is assessed to potentially produce damage to the facility or to endanger attendees.

Requests for the use of facilities by non-Athletics organizations are directed to the Assistant Athletics Director/Facility and Event Operations.  Requests by coaches for non-camp (or team) related events must be made to both to the Assistant Athletics Director/Facilities and Operations as well as the Sport Supervisor.

The Sport Supervisor will be consulted about events using the same facilities as his/her sport and should provide input into the scheduling.   All head coaches will be consulted about events using the same facilities as their sport and coaches should provide input to the sport supervisor on the benefits, or lack thereof, of the outside event. Head coaches, however, will not make the final decision on outside groups’ use of the facility. The Athletics Director will make the final decision regarding facility usage by outside groups.

All outside (non-university) groups are required to sign a Facility Use Agreement.  The Facility Use Agreement is signed by the Associate Athletics Director/Operations and Capital Projects and Compliance.  A requirement of the Agreement is for the group to provide Athletics, within ten days of the signing of the Agreement and prior to the Activity, a Certificate of Insurance which names Kansas Athletics, Inc., the University of Kansas, and the Board of Regents of the State of Kansas as additional insureds on the certificate.  This Certificate of Insurance shall list at a minimum the following coverages: General Liability insurance coverage and Participant Legal Liability coverage of $1,000,000 each occurrence; and $2,000,000 aggregate.

Outside groups using the facilities for non-profit activities will be charged an amount to cover Athletics’ expenses (e.g. maintenance and staffing—“reimbursable expenses”). For-profit groups will be charged for reimbursable expenses as well as a facility rental fee as set forth in an annual fee schedule as established by Athletics.  Facility rental fees may be waived for outside groups when the facility usage is related to pre-arranged promotional activities coordinated by the Athletics marketing office.

Subject to the guidelines set forth above, scholastic high school, junior college and KU teams or organizations may use the facilities for no fee if the activity is scheduled during normal business hours (M-F, 8am-5pm).   The organizations would be responsible for providing the certificate of insurance and for any reimbursable expenses, but would not be required to pay any facility rental fee (except for Allen Fieldhouse).

A facility rental fee shall always be charged for use of Allen Fieldhouse.

The Assistant Athletics Director/Facility and Event Operations presents the Facility Use Agreement and rental rates to the outside groups and discusses with them the requirements and details of the Agreement.  All health, fire and other regulations applicable to the specific facilities must be observed by any group using its facilities.  Any questions regarding issues in the Facility Use Agreement should be directed to the Corporate Counsel.  Final approval of all Facility Use Agreements rests with the Director of Athletics.

The Director of Business Operations and the Assistant Athletics Director/Facility and Event Operations process billings related to facility usage.  If an event is canceled, the sponsoring group may be responsible for set-up charges incurred by Athletics prior to the event’s cancellation.

All groups are required to use Athletics’ concessionaire provider at their events. Use of the concessionaire must be approved by the Assistant Athletics Director/Facility and Event Operations.

Individuals requesting use of any Athletics facilities must sign a waiver/release of liability/assumption of the risk form and provide proof of medical insurance (copy of insurance card).  The waiver must be approved by Kansas Athletics Facilities, Compliance, and the Head Coach of the requested facility.  Compliance shall receive the original copy of the waiver forms for its files.

Preparation of Facilities for Use

The Assistant Athletics Director/Facility and Event Operations ensures that all necessary preparations are accomplished for practices and competitive events that appear on the master facility schedule, as well as for approved non-Athletics  events.  The Assistant Athletics Director/Facility and Event Operations also coordinates the daily maintenance and preparation of each facility for scheduled events.  To ensure appropriate set-up and preparation of event sites, the Assistant Athletics Director/Facility and Event Operations must have advance notice of requests (actual lead time requirements vary with the type of event).

The Assistant Athletics Director/Facility and Event Operations arranges for support staff to work scheduled events in order to monitor the facility’s use and ancillary service performance.

General Rules for Facility Use

The following rules are in effect for the use of all athletic facilities:

1.       Pets (exception: pre-approved service animals) are not permitted inside any facility.
2.       Fighting, rough-housing and abusive language or behavior are not tolerated.
3.       Individuals may be held responsible for any damage to facilities and/or equipment beyond normal wear and tear.
4.       Food and beverage consumption is limited to designated areas.  Littering is prohibited.
Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes, is prohibited in the facilities and within a 20 foot radius of the entrances to the facility.
5.       Designated building entrances and exits must be used.  Fire exit may not be used during non-emergencies or to permit access of non-eligible patrons and may result in the removal of parties from the facility.
6.       Athletics reserves the right to close any facility or to forbid use of its equipment without prior notice during emergencies.
7.       Athletics reserves the right to eject or to refuse entrance to any individual judged as a potential danger to the general safety of its patrons.
8.       Person(s) stealing or damaging personal or Athletics’ property in any facility are subject to immediate ejection and prosecution to the full extent of the law.
9.       Use of facilities under the control of Athletics is restricted to organizations and activities authorized by the Director of Athletics.
10.     Use of skateboards, rollerblades or other type of skates, motorized self-balancing systems (such as Segway or Hovertrax systems), or other type of recreational device is prohibited in Athletics’ facilities.

Safety Precautions

In order to ensure the personal safety of students, staff, and guests, requests for a facility’s use are approved only if the planned use of the facility is within the limits of its seating capacity and its condition, as normally equipped.  Posted safety and fire prevention regulations are to be followed, and all injuries, accidents, equipment failures, etc. are to be reported promptly to an Athletics’ Facility employee.


Should a sponsoring organization cancel an event, it must contact the Assistant Athletics Director/Facility and Event Operations immediately.  The organization is liable for all costs incurred by Athletics, as provided for in the Facility Use Agreement.

Should an event be canceled due to circumstances beyond the control of Athletics or the sponsoring organization and Athletics agrees that it is impractical to proceed with the event, or should the University or State declare the campus or facility off-limits, Athletics is not liable to the organization nor is the organization liable to Athletics, except for reimbursement to Athletics by the organization for costs expended prior to the cancellation of the activity.

Hadl Auditorium- Video Equipment

1.         When making reservations for Hadl Auditorium with the Athletics’ Facilities office, please indicate whether you will need to use video equipment.

2.         The video projection equipment in Hadl Auditorium may be used for coaches’ clinics, summer camps, and other special events. The football video coordinator must be contacted in advance to authorize and train any potential users concerning the proper use of the A/V system.

Reserving Meeting Space

Athletics staff members who need to reserve meeting space for departmental meetings in the Dolph Simons Conference Room, Hadl Auditorium, or the Anderson Strength Center meeting rooms must contact the Athletic Facilities office to reserve the meeting space.  Reservations and use of the Jayhawk Den and the Naismith Room must be approved by the Director of Athletics.  First priority for the use of Athletics’ meeting rooms shall be given to meet Athletic department requirements.  Should a room be available, second priority may be given to University approved and sponsored organizations requesting meeting space.