Policies and Procedures - 704D Facilities: Security

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Updated 12/11


Kansas Athletics facilities are all controlled access facilities with designated points of entry for the visiting public. Staff and student-athletes are provided individual electronic access codes for their use to access facilities as required for daily work routines, practices, tutoring, meetings, etc.

The security of all Kansas Athletics facilities and equipment is of utmost importance. Therefore, it is very important that all staff and student-athletes adhere to the following:

  • Never loan or share keys or access codes;
  • Never alter locks or door hardware;
  • Never prop doors open;
  • Never admit unauthorized persons into the building;
  • Always lock doors to your area when you are away and at the close of each workday.

The University of Kansas Public Safety Office provides after hours security and is responsible for checking all Kansas Athletics facilities from 5pm-11pm, Monday through Friday and 8am-11pm on weekends and holidays.

Team Use

Student-athletes are not to be provided keys to any athletic facility. Student-athletes are provided with individual building and/or locker room access codes for their specific sport area and for access to student-athlete tutoring facilities. Access schedules for student-athletes are based on their practice, conditioning, and tutoring schedules but they do not have 24 hour per day access to facilities.