Policies and Procedures - 704F Facilities: Basketball Game Day

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Updated 7/05


Event Operations Staff

The Athletic Facilities/Events Office will convene a basketball game management meeting prior to each season to discuss basketball operations and any important issues prior to the season. The Director of Basketball Operations, KU Office of Public Safety, Lawrence Police Department, Kansas Highway Patrol, Douglas County Fire/Medical, KU Media Relations, Ticket Operations, Rock Chalk Video, Facilities & Operations, Williams Educational Fund, KU Marketing, ESPN Regional, Concessions, Training Staff, KUStore.com, Parking Services Department, and KU Band staff should be invited to attend.

The Assistant Athletic Director of Facilities/Events for the Athletic Department is responsible for all game day operations. He will serve as game administrator and coordinate all game day operations. The Facilities/Event Management office will employ event staff, scoreboard operators, and timers for each game.

Facility Set-Up/Clean-Up

The Athletic Facilities/Events Office is responsible for preparation of Allen Fieldhouse for each game to include set-up of the court, team bench areas, pass gate areas, media room, post game interview areas, and all game day signage. All post-game facility clean up is the responsibility of the Athletic Facilities Office. Athletic Training is responsible for providing team bench areas with water, cups, towels, blood kits, ice bags, and other supplies. Media Relations is responsible for press row media area set-up.

Team Arrangements Visitors

Parking: The Athletic Facilities/Events Office is responsible for the coordination of parking for the visiting team travel party. The visiting team charter bus will be accommodated in close proximity to Allen Fieldhouse. Vans and other vehicles can be accommodated with advance arrangements.

Tickets and Credentials: Visiting teams may operate a player pass list and receive tickets for player use according to NCAA and Big XII Conference rules. Ticket Office personnel from each visiting school should coordinate with the KU Director of Ticket Operations and act according to Big 12 Conference guidelines. Credentials for visiting teams should be requested through the KU Media Relations Office.

Practice Schedule: Visiting teams can make practice and shoot around arrangements through the Assistant Athletic Director – Facilities/Events. A visiting team host will be assigned to greet and help each visiting team with any special needs during their time in Lawrence.

Locker Room: Visiting teams will use the visitor’s locker room located on the Southwest corner of Allen Fieldhouse. The visiting team will be provided ice, drinks, water, towels and game day programs for the game. After each game, the visiting team will receive 25 lunches as a post game meal. Special requests can be accommodated with advance notification. The Facilities/Events host/hostess is responsible for greeting visiting teams, providing necessary information and meeting special reasonable requests. Security will be provided on game day for the visiting team locker room area and for the head coach of each visiting team institution.

Team Bench Area: Visiting teams will use the South bench area at Allen Fieldhouse and enter and exit the court via the Southwest corner of the court. All NCAA and Big 12 Conference rules regarding bench protocol will be enforced.

Video Taping: A location on 3rd level West side of Allen Fieldhouse is available for visiting team video taping needs.

Team Arrangements Jayhawks

Tickets and Credentials: Jayhawk basketball players and staff are provided complimentary admission for guests according to NCAA, Big 12 Conference and University guidelines. The Athletic Ticket Office is responsible for coordination of the pass list. The Jayhawk pass list should be available to the Athletic Ticket Office a minimum of two (2) hours prior to game time. All pass list individuals are required to show a valid picture ID and will be admitted 90 minutes prior to game time via the East lobby of Allen Fieldhouse.

Locker Room: The Jayhawks will use the home locker room on the West side of Allen Fieldhouse. The locker room has a training room area and a ‘ coaches’ locker room area within the locker room.

Team Bench Area: The Jayhawks will use the North bench area at Allen Fieldhouse and enter and exit the court via the Northwest corner of the court. All NCAA and Big 12 Conference rules regarding bench protocol will be enforced.

Video Taping: The KU basketball video services will have the opportunity to tape the game from the 3rd level on the West side of Allen Fieldhouse.

Cheerleaders/Band/Mascot: KU cheerleaders and mascots will be admitted at the Southeast pass gate doors of Allen Fieldhouse, 90 minutes prior to each game. Bands will be admitted via the Southeast pass gate doors of Allen Fieldhouse 90 minutes prior to game time.


Game Day Parking: Officials game day parking passes will be in close proximity to the official game day locker room of Allen Fieldhouse.

Locker Room: The officials’ locker room is located on the Southeast side of Allen Fieldhouse, room 118. The Game Administrator will be responsible for greeting officials and reviewing any game day information upon their arrival to the Fieldhouse. The officials are provided with pre-game drinks and post-game drinks and meals on game day. Ice, towels and game programs are also provided.

Security: Security will be provided for the officials by Kansas Athletics from the time of arrival to the time of departure after the game.

Bench Crew

Game Assignments: The Athletic Facilities/Events Office is responsible for contracting and paying certified and competent Bench Crew members for all games. These individuals will perform scoreboard and timing functions for each home game. Parking and credentials will be provided for individuals performing these functions. During the pre-game, appropriate bench crewmembers will meet with the officials in their locker room to review game day information per NCAA and conference guidelines.


Game Day Parking: Members of the media working any Jayhawk basketball game may request parking through the Media Relations Office. Parking for media is limited and will be distributed by the basketball media relations director to appropriate media outlets.

Credentials: All requests for media credentials must be processed through the Media Relations Office, specifically the KU basketball media representative. Members of the media may pick up Will Call credentials at the Wagnon Student-Athlete Center, directly West of Allen Fieldhouse 90 minutes prior to game time.

Press Row Assignments: Press row seat assignments are the responsibility of the Media Relations Office. This area is reserved for working media and game day personnel.

Photography Access Areas: Photographers (still and video) may shoot from the designated media boundary areas at Allen Fieldhouse. Media are not allowed in either team’s bench area or are to photograph private conversations between coaches, coaches and players, or coaches and officials. This includes any photography from behind the bench areas during time outs.

Post Game Locker Room Policies: Members of the Jayhawk basketball team and the head basketball coach will be available for interviews in Hadl Auditorium after a 10 minute “cooling off” period. The Media Relations Office is responsible for arranging all post game interviews. The Jayhawk locker room is closed to members of the media. Visiting teams may have a different locker room policy. Media members should contact the visiting team’s Media Relations person for information on these policies.

Television/Radio Arrangements: Local television and radio stations wishing to broadcast Jayhawk basketball should coordinate arrangements through the Athletic Facilities/Events and Media Relations Offices.

Park and Power/Hook-up Arrangements: Television stations must coordinate park and power schedules with the Athletic Facilities/Events Office. Parking for production and satellite trucks is located on the West side of Allen Fieldhouse.


KU Office of Public Safety: The KU Office of Public Safety is responsible for all security measures at Allen Fieldhouse on home basketball game days. The Director of Public Safety coordinates with the Lawrence Police Department, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, the Kansas Highway Patrol and other agencies to provide game day security for Allen Fieldhouse and all participants for each basketball game. Special requests are made through the Assistant Athletic Director – Facilities/Events.

Event Staff: Event staff personnel are used to secure all non-public entrances and other non-public areas during all Jayhawk basketball games. Event staff is also used as ticket takers, ushers, guards and supervisors to aid in crowd control and informational purposes.

Security: Private security firms are hired to provide overnight security services.


Kansas fans pride themselves on a long tradition of good sportsmanship and conduct in (venue). Kansas Athletics appreciates and expect fan cooperation by supporting the players, coaches and officials in a positive manner. Profanity, racial or sexist comments or other intimidating actions are not tolerated and are grounds for removal from the building. Any spectator who interferes with the game by coming onto the court/field or throws objects onto the court will be removed.

Kansas Athletics has periodically had to remove fans from venues the past few years. The main offense has been intoxication. The protocol is for the event staff to report incident to their supervisor, who in turn contacts KU Facilities/Event Management personnel. If further steps are necessary the KU Office of Public Safety makes a contact and removes individual from the venue if necessary.

Medical/Training Room Services

KU Training Room Services: Athletic Training Services is responsible for providing team bench areas with water, cups, towels, and other supplies. The Allen Fieldhouse training room is in close proximity to both home and visiting team locker rooms.


Ticket Sales: Tickets for Jayhawk basketball games (when available) may be purchased prior to game day at the Athletic Ticket Office located in Allen Fieldhouse.

On Site Ticket Sales: Tickets for all Jayhawk basketball games (if available) will be on sale at the Fieldhouse ticket offices 90 minutes prior to game time. Ticket offices are located on the North and East sides of Allen Fieldhouse.

Will Call: All Will Call tickets may be picked up at the main ticket office on the East side of the Fieldhouse 90 minutes prior to game time. Individuals must present picture identification and must pay any charges due when picking up will call tickets.

Pass Gate: The pass gate for all working staff, concessions staff, band and cheer members is on the Southeast corner of Allen Fieldhouse.

Handicapped Seating: Handicapped seating is available on a first come, first served basis and is located on the arena floor level. Mobility impaired seating is provided on the 3rd level of Allen Fieldhouse. An elevator to access this area is available on the South side of Allen Fieldhouse. It is suggested that prior arrangements with the ticket office be made to ensure availability of the handicap or mobility impaired seating.

Emergency Procedures

Emergency Evacuation Plan: The Assistant Athletic Director of Facilities/Events (Game Administrator) may in consultation with other university officials deem it necessary to evacuate the facility for safety reasons. Event Staff and emergency personnel will be notified to assist in clearing the facility in a safe and timely manner.

Threatening weather may require that the facility be evacuated. If the Assistant Athletic Director of Facilities/Events (Game Administrator) in consultation with other university officials deems it necessary, event staff and emergency personnel will be notified to assist in this evacuation. The entire emergency procedures manual will be reviewed and updated annually by the Director of KU Public Safety, the Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical Chief and the Assistant Athletic Director – Facilities/Events.

Emergency Numbers:
Emergency:      911
KU Public Safety (non emergency)      864-5900
Kansas Athletics Security      691-5227
Assistant Athletic Director of Facilities/Events      331-5329
Game Day Administrator (Press Row)      864-5153
Facilities/Event Management Office      864-4210