Policies and Procedures - 705A Athletic Events: Concession Operations

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Updated 10/11


The exclusive right to operate the food concessions at regularly scheduled athletic events held in the various athletic facilities are negotiated with professional concessionaires. Such negotiations, which must be in the best interest of the University, are conducted by the Director of Athletics and Senior Associate Director of Athletics.

Kansas Athletics reserves the right to free and immediate access to all concessionaire records for the purpose of auditing gross sales reports at any time during the duration of the contract. Vendors who are granted exclusive rights to sell food at athletic events accept responsibility for the following:

1. Staffing (e.g. hiring, supervision, etc.) sales operations;

2. Operating in an efficient, courteous and business-like manner;

3. Offering at competitive prices licensed novelty items or food, candy and beverages which are fresh, wholesome and of the highest quality;

4. Maintaining sales booths and food service areas in a clean and sanitary condition; and

5. Adhering to all specific terms of the contractual agreement.

Concession Employees

It is the responsibility of the concessionaire to ensure that only authorized employees are admitted under the auspices of working an athletic event. The food concessionaire is responsible for securing employee parking permits and instructing employees on the appropriate entry procedures and gate location. Concession employees are admitted to the athletic events via a pass list.