Policies and Procedures - 705B Athletic Events: Parking

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Updated 7/05


The University of Kansas Parking Department administers and controls the University-wide parking program through the issuance of parking permits.

All Kansas Athletics personnel must comply with University parking regulations. The regulations governing the registration, operation and parking of vehicles on the University campus are available in booklet form from the Parking Department, located at 1501 Irving Hill Road, phone 864-PARK or on-line at http://www.ku.edu/~parking/.

Athletic Event Parking

The University’s Parking Department and the University Police Department assist in coordinating parking and traffic control for all athletic events. Game day parking attendants are hired to control entrance into reserved lots.

The Assistant Director of Athletics/Facility Operations and Events is responsible for allocation of priority parking within specific lots.

Approximately one month prior to the football, basketball and soccer seasons and at other times, as required, the Assistant Director of Athletics/Facility Operations and Events meets with the University Department of Parking Services to review parking requirements for scheduled events. The availability of University parking areas and the effective handling of traffic, as well as the public’s safety, are objectively discussed during these meetings.

Factors determining the lot locations and allocation of reserved parking passes issued by the Kansas Athletics include the following:

  • Patrons’ season ticket purchases and donations history;
  • Football, basketball and other sport needs;
  • Accessibility needs of patrons;
  • Visiting schools’ needs; and
  • University and Kansas Athletics needs.

In general, reserved parking passes are issued by the Facility Operations and Events Office to Kansas Athletics Staff and the Ticket Office, in conjunction with the distribution of tickets to season ticket holders.

Parking Operations

It is the intention of Kansas Athletics to provide parking spaces in reserved lots to major donors who are also season ticket holders for football and/or basketball. All other sports have free parking. Based on the athletic event and University parking requirements, student vehicles may be required to move from campus Commuter Parking Lots by the posted time on the day of an athletic event. Temporary signs are posted the week prior to the event, in lots to be vacated, indicating the event date and vehicle removal deadline. Students are informed of available alternate parking areas.

Handicap parking is available on a limited basis with the required handicapped sticker and vehicle registration plate.

Football & Basketball Parking

The Parking Department is responsible for ensuring efficient parking operations on game day. Attendants are stationed at the entrance of all reserved lots to ensure that only vehicles with proper parking credentials are permitted entrance.

  • Donor ParkingPatrons are required to make a donation to the Williams Educational Fund (WEF) to be considered for preferential parking. All funds go directly to the intercollegiate athletics programs. Parking permits are mailed with season tickets. (See Policy 903B, WEF, for additional information.)
  • Media ParkingThe Assistant Athletics Director/Media Relations provides the Assistant Director of Athletics/Facility Operations and Events with an approved list of media representatives and special guests prior to each season. Media representatives are responsible for requesting parking passes at the time they apply for press credentials.