Policies and Procedures - 705D Athletic Events: Staging

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Updated 7/05


The Assistant Director of Athletics/Facilities and Event Operations is responsible for the staging of home athletic events to include both facility and game management operations. Assistant Director of Athletics/Facilities and Event Operations may delegate specific staging procedures to Kansas Athletics personnel designated as “Home Game Management staff.” These individuals are responsible for carrying out assigned duties in an efficient and proper manner.

Effective game administration requires continual cooperation and clear communication among the individuals, departments and agencies involved. Furthermore, strict adherence to stated procedures is required to ensure the safety of all spectators and participants and to guarantee that operations run smoothly during athletic events. To facilitate the effective management of home athletic events, the Assistant Director of Athletics/Facilities and Event Operations has prepared Home Game Management Manuals for each sport (See Policy 704E, Facilities: Basketball Operations and Policy 704F, Facilities: Football Operations, in this manual). Individuals with managerial or support duties are responsible for familiarizing themselves with these manuals.

Preliminary Arrangements

As soon as the home game schedule is determined, the Assistant Director of Athletics/Facilities and Event Operations begins to make necessary arrangements for the successful staging of these events. Before arranging for various auxiliary services, attendance projections are developed for scheduled events. (See Policy 702A, Scheduling: Events, for additional information.) Staging requirements include (but are not necessarily limited to) the following:

  1. Scheduling and supervision of ancillary personnel (e.g. ticket takers, gatekeepers, ushers, custodians, physicians and first aid personnel) and game management staff (e.g. officials, public address system announcers, scoreboard operators and statisticians);
  2. Notifying concessionaires of scheduled events;
  3. Arranging for police security and crowd control;
  4. Arranging for transportation and traffic control;
  5. Arranging for facility maintenance coverage with University Facilities & Operations;
  6. Coordinating requests for special media services with the Media Relations Office;
  7. Coordinating visiting and home team locker room requirements;
  8. Coordinating pre-game and half-time events;
  9. Coordinating Cheerleader, Mascot and Band performances with the Cheerleading Coach and Band Director;
  10. Preparing and distributing the game day format and agenda; and
  11. Coordinating complimentary admission operations with the Athletic Ticket Office;
  12. Ordering of refreshments for team locker rooms and the press box; and
  13. Preparing letters to visiting teams to be sent a minimum of one (1) month prior to the event.

Facilities Management

The Assistant Director of Athletics/Facilities and Event Operations coordinates facility requirements with the appropriate personnel. This is to ensure that all structural components of the required facility are in good working order (e.g. lighting, air conditioning, plumbing). The Assistant Director of Athletics/Facilities and Event Operations is responsible for overseeing the preparation of outdoor facilities for competition by the Groundskeeping staff, who performs such activities as lining the field, preparing the locker rooms, setting up the arena area, etc.

The Assistant Director of Athletics/Facilities and Event Operations ensures compliance with all applicable federal, state and local statutes, as well as University policies and procedures governing the operation of athletic facilities. This includes patron safety, fire prevention and food service requirements. For specific rules regarding facility usage, see Policy 604A, Facilities: Use.

In addition, the Assistant Director of Athletics/Facilities and Event Operations and and Home Game Management staff assist with University and non-athletic sponsored events held in athletic facilities, as requested, by the Director of Athletics.

Game Workers

The number of game workers (e.g. ticket takers, ticket sellers, parking attendants, ushers, door guards, program sellers, concessionaires, etc.) required for each event is determined by the size of the anticipated crowd. The Assistant Director of Athletics/Facilities and Event Operations determines the number and type of personnel needed and makes appropriate arrangements, as necessary, with Kansas Athletics personnel or the University for coverage, as follows:

  1. Traffic control is provided by the University Office of Public Safety with parking administration handled by part-time ancillary parking staff (See #4).
  2. Security coverage is arranged through the Office of Public Safety. Appropriate credentials, passes and/or arm bands are provided to the media and other game personnel for easy identification (however, careful scrutiny of credentials is still necessary). (See Policies 706B, and 705B for additional information regarding parking passes for events.)
  3. Facility preparation and clean-up operations are coordinated through the Facility and Events Operations Department and assigned facilities staff workers, as required. Time-tables and schedules are developed by the Assistant Director of Athletics/Facilities and Event Operations for the effective preparation and clean-up of facilities prior to competitions.
  4. The Office of Facilities and Event Operations has hired outside staffing firms to train and schedule ushers and ticket takers for all athletic events. The Athletic Ticket office hires and trains all ticket sellers.
  5. Emergency medical services are provided as designated by the Team Physician/ Director of Athletic Medicine and arranged for by the Head Trainer.
  6. Food service sales concessions are currently scheduled by Mid-America Concessions. See Policies 606A Athletic Events: Concessions and Novelty Sales for additional information.
  7. Clock operators, announcers, audio supervisors, line men (for football), scorers and game supervisors are hired, trained and scheduled by the Assistant Director of Athletics/Facilities and Event Operations.


The Assistant Director of Athletics/Facilities and Event Operations ensures proper preparation of facilities for officials scheduled through the appropriate Conference office.

The Game Management staff is responsible for preparing adequate dressing and showering facilities for officials. Towels and complimentary game programs are to be placed in the locker room prior to the officials’ arrival. The officials’ locker room is kept locked while they are officiating the game.

Security is provided to all officials upon their entrance to and exit from the playing field or arena. Complimentary cold drinks and snacks are provided at half-time and post-game.

Press Box Operations

The Media Relations Office organizes press box operations for home athletic contests to include preparation and mailing of press credentials, compiling and distributing of statistical materials, filing post-game reports to media outlets, coordinating instillation of transmission facilities and arranging for statistical crews.

Additional information on press box arrangements is contained in Policy 707D, Media Coverage: Events.

Memorial Stadium Events

The University of Kansas football team plays its home games in Memorial Stadium. Management of home games in the Stadium, with a capacity of 50,250, requires the input and cooperation of all Kansas Athletics personnel, the University and the community, to ensure the safety and well-being of all patrons, as well as the smooth flow of operations at events. Although the Assistant Director of Athletics/Facilities and Event Operations has primary responsibility for the staging of football competitions, he/she may delegate specific tasks to the Home Game Management staff, as appropriate.

Allen Fieldhouse Events

Allen Fieldhouse is the site of home basketball games. With a seating capacity of 16,242 and the frequent occurrence of “sell-out” crowds, it is of utmost importance that appropriate staging procedures are followed when planning and executing events which are to be held in the Allen Fieldhouse. The Assistant Director of Athletics/Facilities and Event Operations is primarily responsible for coordinating all Division of Athletics events; however, Game Management staff is delegated specific responsibilities.

Alcohol Control Personnel

Event Staff Personnel are responsible for inspecting all bags, blankets, coolers and any other containers of patrons entering an athletic event. Personnel are expected to behave in a positive and courteous manner, at all times. When necessary, security personnel may be asked to assist in the inspection of patrons’ belongings. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in any University facility and may be confiscated if discovered.