Policies and Procedures - 705C Athletic Events: Music and Entertainment

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Updated 7/05


Pre-game and half-time ceremonies are planned to reflect the pride and loyalty of the student body, faculty, alumni and fans who attend intercollegiate football and basketball games. Special ceremonies are also planned to provide opportunities to honor campus organizations, alumni and local groups for their past or present achievements. Additionally, visiting teams and their representatives are routinely extended invitations to participate in half-time activities, and are to be shown respect at all times. Furthermore, every effort is made to ensure that the planned activities serve the purpose of enhancing the atmosphere and heightening the enthusiasm level of the spectators without creating a potential crowd control problem or disrupting the scheduled athletic event.

In recognition of the value provided by appropriate music and entertainment at selected athletic events, the Division of Athletics provides funding for the University of Kansas Marching Band, Pep Band, Mascots and Cheerleaders. However, the Director of Athletics retains the right to determine budget levels, as well as the type of music and entertainment presented at athletic events.

The Assistant Director of Athletics/Facilities and Event Management assists the Athletic Marketing staff in the coordination of all pre-game and half-time activities within University, Conference and NCAA guidelines. Appropriate management of such activities requires open and direct communication among all parties involved in their production.

Pre-Game and Half-Time Arrangements

All information related to music and entertainment activities is to be submitted to the Assistant Director of Facilities and Event Operations by a deadline designated prior to the beginning of each season. Before the athletics events schedule is finalized, the Assistant Director of Athletics/Facilities and Event Operations, Band Director, and Assistant Athletic Director/Marketing review proposed half-time programs for content, staging, timing and related requirements to ensure that programs are appropriate and meet Kansas Athletics standards. All ceremonies must adhere to established time constraints and are subject to the final approval of the Director of Athletics. All taped music is subject to the approval (from the Facility Operations and Events Office) prior to playing over the public address system. Tapes are monitored for appropriateness of language.

Arrangements for pre-game and half-time ceremonies for football and basketball include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

  1. Review and approval of requests by outside groups to participate in pre-game and half-time activities
  2. Preparation of timetables
  3. Reservation of locker rooms for performers
  4. Review of special needs and requests
  5. Dissemination of instructions to participants (e.g. time constraints, program content, etc.)
  6. Coordination with the public address announcer, event workers and other support personnel.

Football Events

Prior to the beginning of each season the Assistant Director of Athletics/Facilities and Event Operations, in coordination with the Assistant Athletic Director/Marketing and Director of Rock Chalk Video, establishes a schedule of activities for pre-game and half-time entertainment. The Director of Facility Operations and Events is responsible for making special arrangements for these scheduled activities. Such arrangements include informing all participants of pertinent information regarding their activity (i.e. time limitations, performance restrictions, dressing room assignments, etc.) However, the selection of musical entertainment for football games is the responsibility of the Band Director.

  • Pre-game Activities
    • In general, pre-game activities for a 1:00 p.m. game begin at 12:40 p.m. with the conclusion of preliminary work-outs for both teams. On-field, the Kansas Marching Band then plays the Alma Mater and the National Anthem, with kick-off at 1:00 p.m.
  • Half-time Activities
    • In accordance with the Big Twelve Football Conference rules, the half-time period is limited to 20 minutes with 15 minutes reserved for entertainment. Half-time activities may include sponsored events, presentation of special guests and VIP’s, or special entertainment.The Assistant Director of Athletics/Facilities and Event Operations ensures that all involved parties are aware of the schedule and related time constraints. In general, after any presentations, the Kansas Marching Band is given the remainder of the time to enter the field and perform. If an away team band attends the game and requests performance time, all efforts will be made to fulfill this request at half-time. If there is not enough time, the visiting band may perform pre-game, based upon the pre-established timeline. All performers must clear the field on time to allow for the return of the players. Time allocated for athletic sponsor activities (i.e. competitions, recognition, etc.) should be taken into consideration by the Band Director.

Basketball Events

The Director of Rock Chalk Video, the Assistant Athletic Director/Marketing and the Assistant Director of Athletics/Facilities and Event Operations are responsible for establishing a schedule for special pre-game and half-time entertainment for men’s basketball home games. All special promotional activities must conform to applicable University, Big Twelve Conference and NCAA rules and regulations. Additionally, if the game is televised, staging and time requirements may be adjusted to allow for television production needs.

Due to space restrictions, Kansas Athletics does not allow visiting Pep Band performances at home basketball events. Allowances are made for special tournaments. Furthermore, a limitation is placed upon electronic noise makers and other instruments (e.g. drums, cymbals, etc.) during the playing of the game.

  • Pre-game Activities
    • In general, pre-game activities are limited to the playing of the National Anthem and the introduction of visiting and University of Kansas starters. However, on occasion special tributes or recognition may be included in the pre-game activities.
  • Half-time Activities
    • Half-time activities are limited to a 15-minute window of time and may include sponsored “Shoot-outs,” presentation of special guests and VIP’s, or special entertainment.
  • Conference and Tournament Events
    • When hosting NCAA, NIT or Conference basketball events, Kansas Athletics complies with the rules and regulations of the governing body controlling the event.
  • Cheerleaders and Mascots
    • Cheerleaders must stay within their designated area and perform routines within Big Twelve guidelines. All cheers are expected to be positive and encourage good sportsmanship.

Away Games

The Band Director and Cheerleading Coach are responsible for coordinating travel arrangements with the Travel Coordinator for their respective groups. All approved expenses are paid by Kansas Athletics.