Policies and Procedures - 705F Athletic Events: Resale of Tickets

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Updated 7/05




Tickets for all KU Athletic Events state that they cannot be resold and may be seized or cancelled without compensation. As such, Kansas Athletics is the only authorized seller of tickets for events at KU Athletic contests.  When persons other than Kansas Athletics sell tickets, Kansas Athletics may lose income.  In addition, ticket sellers on campus may block access to facility entrances and the Kansas Athletics ticket windows as well as annoying or harassing legitimate ticket holders who are trying to enter the facilities.


KU has a solicitation policy that applies to commercial sales on campus property.  The policy forbids commercial sales unless previous approval is obtained from the University Events Committee and a University organization or office sponsors the activity and a portion of the profits are provided to philanthropic or student services projects.  The resale of athletic event tickets on the KU campus is not a permitted exception to the University solicitation policy.


In order to enforce the University policy, Kansas Athletics will work with the University Public Safety Office to ensure that solicitation for sales, particularly ticket scalping, does not occur on campus property.  Kansas Athletics employees will monitor the areas around the athletic facility where the event is occurring.  Those who are observed violating the University policy regarding commercial solicitation will be informed of the policy and asked to either discontinue the activity or leave campus grounds.  Violators will be informed that failure to stop the activity or leave will be subject to a charge of trespass.  Should the violators be observed continuing the activity, Kansas Athletics will notify the University Office of Public Safety.  Public Safety will ask the violator to leave campus and will pursue any enforcement remedies deemed necessary.


Enforcement of the solicitation policy will be uniform.  No one person or group will be targeted.  The enforcement of the policy on the resale of tickets applies to professional ticket “scalpers” as well as to the season ticket holder who cannot attend a game or has an extra ticket and attempts to sell it on campus.