Policies and Procedures - 706C Media Coverage: Publicity Materials

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Updated 7/05


Kansas Athletics produces publicity materials not only as a means of providing the media with vital information about the athletics program, but also to stimulate support for its athletics programs from the University, fans and surrounding community. The Media Relations Office is charged with the responsibility of producing professional publicity materials of the highest quality in compliance with University, Conference and NCAA rules and regulations.

Style Guide

In written materials, refer to the school as University of Kansas (not Kansas University). In a second reference to the university, KU may be used as an abbreviation. Use athletics department (not athletic department) and athletics director (not athletic director) in letters or publications.

KU plays basketball in Allen Fieldhouse (not Allen Field House). Teams that represent the University of Kansas are the Jayhawks (not Hawks or Lady Jayhawks).

KU plays in the Big Twelve or Big 12 Conference.

For printing needs, the KU colors are crimson and blue and can be achieved with PMS 185 Red, Pantone Yellow and PMS 287 blue.

Media Guides

The Media Relations Office is responsible for the production, within budget limitations, of annual media guides for each of the Kansas Athletics 18 intercollegiate sports programs. All media guides additionally serve as recruiting publications. Media guides are on sale to the general public through KUStore.com.

Criteria governing the publication of a media guide are as follows:

  • The guide is formatted and sized according to individual sport requirements, with the majority of guides using the 8.5×11 inch format. The number of pages, use of photos, etc. is commensurate with the media’s interest in the sport and budget constraints. The number of guides printed is determined by historical media requirements and Divisional needs.
  • All production costs are derived from Kansas Athletics publications budget.
  • The University’s Purchasing and Printing procedures are observed in the production of media guides (see Policy 404, Purchasing Procedures, and Policy 406, Printing, in this Manual).
  • The Media Relations Office develops publication timetables according to each sport’s season and production requirements.
  • Media guides are distributed by the Media Relations Office to coaches (including a designated number for recruiting requirements) and media outlets. Coaches are responsible for distributing the guide in compliance with NCAA guidelines.

Recruiting Brochures

As previously stated, each sport’s media guide is produced within NCAA guidelines so that it may be distributed to prospective student-athletes, as allowed by the NCAA Recruiting Bylaw, Article 13. (For additional information on recruiting materials, see Policy 502A, Student-Athletes: Recruitment, in this Manual.)

Schedule Cards/Posters

Schedules must be officially approved by the Director of Athletics prior to the printing of any schedule cards or posters. (See Policy 702A, Scheduling: Events in this Manual for additional information.) The Marketing Office is responsible for the production of schedule cards for all ticketed intercollegiate sports. Through a corporate relationship with Athletic Marketing, schedule posters are produced for specific selected sports.

Individual Game Programs

ESPN Regional, outsourced sales agent, is responsible for the production of day-of-game programs. All advertising must conform to University and NCAA guidelines. The Assistant Director of Athletics/Media Relations retains responsibility for editorial content of all game programs. The Director of Athletics retains the right of final approval of overall program content.


The Media Relations Office is responsible for maintaining an active file of photographs and slides of student-athletes, members of the coaching staff and athletic administrators. In addition to posed team and individual photographs, game action sports photographs are included in the file for use in sport programs.

The Head Coach is responsible for scheduling photograph sessions for individuals and teams with the Media Relations Office. Photo days are scheduled to meet each sport’s publication requirements. Coaches should ensure that the entire team is present at scheduled photography sessions and that team members arrive promptly and are appropriately dressed.

All photographs are the property of Kansas Athletics and are to be used for Division of Athletics purposes only. Copies of photographs are made available to members of the media upon request without charge. Internal use of file photographs is determined by mutual consent between the Media Relations Office and the individual requesting the photograph (coaches may not make direct requests to the University photographer for extra prints). Per NCAA regulations, photographs and/or slides are not provided to any student-athlete unless considered a part of an approved athletic award.