Policies and Procedures - 706E Media Coverage: Television and Radio Programs

Updated 7/05

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In order to increase public support for its intercollegiate athletics program, Kansas Athletics strives to maximize the benefits of the coverage it receives on television and radio. However, Kansas Athletics recognizes the need to closely monitor the scope of exposure received in order to ensure overall viability and appeal of continued media coverage.

The Director of Athletics, with consultation and input from the Senior Associate Director of Athletics and Associate Athletic Director/External Affairs, negotiates all television and radio contracts related to the coverage of Kansas Athletics events.

Television Contracts

The University of Kansas, as a member of the Big Twelve Conference, is a partner in several Conference-wide, men’s and women’s basketball television contracts with CBS Sports, Fox Sports, ESPN and ESPN Regional. Contracts for Big Twelve television rights are subject to the unanimous approval of the member institutions’ Athletic Directors.

Other intercollegiate athletics teams may receive commercial or cable television coverage, based on national or local interest. Such telecasts are negotiated on an event-by-event basis. Kansas Athletics makes a continual effort to promote opportunities for appropriate coverage of all its intercollegiate athletics programs.

Radio Contracts

ESPN Regional holds all radio broadcast and advertising rights and is charged with expanding the Jayhawk Radio Network.

Coaches Shows

Kansas Athletics makes every effort to create television and/or radio show opportunities for its most visible Head Coaches.