Policies and Procedures - 707 Marketing and Promotions

Updated 7/07


The marketing and promotional activities undertaken by Kansas Athletics strive to enhance the established image of the intercollegiate athletics program and the University, as well as increase its revenue generating capabilities. The Assistant Athletic Director/Marketing, working in conjunction with the Associate Athletic Director/Administration and Associate Athletic Director/External Affairs, annually develops a comprehensive marketing plan which is designed to produce increased Kansas Athletics revenues through increased ticket sales. Corporate Sponsorships are outsourced to Host Communications. All marketing activities are conducted in a manner consistent with the University’s educational environment and philosophy.

The primary marketing objective within Kansas Athletics is:

  • A sport-by-sport effort to maximize ticket sales. Additionally, promotional activities are designed to provide a total entertainment package attractive to the majority of patrons. This requires careful coordination within Kansas Athletics and full cooperation of the coaches, teams, cheerleaders and band.Marketing and promotional priority is given to sports identified as having the greatest income producing potential (e.g. basketball, football, and volleyball). Marketing and promotional activities include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Corporate Sponsorships (outsourced)
    • Ticket Sales Campaigns
    • Media Involvement
    • Game Day Entertainment
    • Arena and Stadium Signage Sales (outsourced)
    • Souvenirs and Novelty Sales.

    For additional information on ticket sales, souvenir and novelty sales, game day entertainment and game day programs see Policies 407B, 705A, 705C and 706C respectively, in this Manual.Corporate Sponsorships

    Host Communications is the contracted partner for all corporate sales. A primary objective of the Kansas Athletics marketing program is to generate sponsors for athletic events hosted by the University of Kansas. The benefits derived from these corporate sponsorships range from enhanced revenues, which offset Kansas Athletics expenses, increased media exposure and/or increased attendance at athletic events. Partnership packages may include many forms of sponsorship including television shows, the Jayhawk radio network, game tickets, game programs, arena/stadium signage and the public address system. Additionally, packages may include promotional giveaways, half-time events and VIP hospitality.

    All corporate sponsorships solicitations are coordinated by Host Communications and are directed to appropriate firms (e.g. tobacco, alcohol or other harmful substance producers are not sought) and generally sold on the basis of sponsorship merit and opportunity to broaden consumer base. Sponsorship exclusivity may be granted to specific types of partners (e.g. financial and insurance concerns, soft drink vendors, etc.) based on the corporation’s level of commitment to the program.

    Sponsorship Policies

    The Host Communications’s project manager or program editor must approve sponsorship rates for athletics publications, including anything complimentary. The Athletics Director must authorize the sale of sponsorships in any athletics department publications. The authority may be delegated, but no solicitation can begin until such time as this permission has been granted.

    Alcohol-Related Sponsorships

    No sponsorship opportunities shall be provided, through in-arena/stadium signage or giveaways, to liquor stores, beer companies, or establishments that exist primarily to serve alcoholic beverages, without written approval from the Director of Athletics. Sponsorship decisions concerning permissible establishments (e.g., restaurants that serve alcohol) shall be made by the Athletics Director. Any sponsorship on radio and television broadcasts by alcohol-related companies shall be limited to regular commercials as opposed to game feature sponsorships (e.g. Coors Starting Line-Up).

    Souvenir and Novelty Sales

    All merchandise sold in athletic facilities must be licensed with the University of Kansas National Licensing Program, which is administered by the Trademark Licensing Director. Samples of all products to be sold at any University of Kansas event must be submitted to the Trademark Licensing Director prior to each event.

    Potential licensees (i.e. manufacturers and vendors) must submit products to the Trademark Licensing Director who approves and monitors the quality of items. Licenses may be revoked and unacceptable items confiscated at anytime should the products fail to meet the original licensing specifications.

    Advertising Guidelines

    Only approved logos for the University of Kansas are to be used in advertising. Additionally, all print and/or electronic advertising for Kansas Athletics sponsored events is coordinated by the Assistant Athletic Director/Marketing. The Assistant Athletic Director/Marketing is available to meet with each Head Coach to determine advertising priorities and costs. The advertising of certain special athletic events (i.e. summer camps, clinics, etc.) is the financial responsibility of the coach directing the event. Adherence to NCAA regulations regarding such advertising is the responsibility of the coach. However, the Assistant Athletic Director/Marketing reserves the right to evaluate and approve the specifications of all such advertisements, including the following aspects:

    • Appropriateness of the advertisement
    • Advertising medium
    • Advertisement copy
    • Size of the ad
    • Cost of the ad
    • Run dates.

    Additional information specifically related to summer sports camps is located in Policy 604 in this Manual.

    Student-Athlete Promotional Activities

    Student-athletes are permitted to participate in promotional activities (per NCAA rules) provided the specific activity or project does not involve co-sponsorship, advertisement or promotion by a commercial agency other than through the reproduction of the sponsoring company’s regular trademark or logo on printed materials such as pictures, posters or calendars.

    The Compliance Office reviews all requests for the use of student-athletes in promotional activities to ensure compliance with NCAA regulations and oversees the utilization of the Promotional Requests of Student-Athlete form. Signatory approvals on this form satisfy the NCAA regulation requiring a signed release statement from the Director of Athletics, or his designee, the student-athlete and the charitable or educational agency representative.

    Public Address and Message Center

    Information for the public address and message center must be approved and submitted in writing to the Assistant Director of Athletics/Marketing at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to an event. Information for the public address and message center will be limited to the promotion of university-related events or information relating to the event. Exceptions will be made for promotion of corporate sponsorships with the approval of the athletics director.

    Pre-Game and Half-Time Entertainment

    Pre-game and half time activities at home athletics events must be approved by and coordinated with the Assistant Athletics Director/Marketing. Pre-game and half time activities shall not be used for the purpose of promoting other special interest, partisan political or religious causes. The athletics director shall have final authority to approve or disapprove any activity at athletics events.