Policies and Procedures - 708A Graphics: Installations or Use Requests

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Jan. 19, 2012

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Common Space Graphic Installation Requests:

Each Department Head, Head Coach or designee is responsible for initiating all requests for graphic installation in common spaces (such as lobbies, hallways, locker rooms, weight rooms, venues) by completing the Graphic Request Form, which can be obtained from the Facilities and Events office or downloaded online. The steps below must be taken and signatures must be received before the project can be approved:

  • 1. Provide Sport Supervisor or corresponding Senior Associate Athletics Director with a conceptual description and location of installation.2. Provide Athletics Facilities and Events office with conceptual description and location of installation.3. Meet with Kansas Athletics graphic personnel to start design of project. Graphics personnel will work closely with outside vendors if necessary to enhance design and to determine an estimated cost of the project.4. Gain approval of the Graphics committee on the content of the graphic by presenting proposed layouts of the graphic. Graphics Committee includes: Director of Trademark Licensing, Associate Athletics Director of Communications/Media Relations, and Director of Traditions – K-Club and Booth Family Hall of Athletics.5. Provide the Sport Supervisor or corresponding Senior Associate Athletics Director with final art as approved by the Graphics Committee, and the estimated cost of the project for budget/financial approval. Note: Final art should be in color with specific colors identified.

Graphic Use Requests:

Marks relating to or associated with The University of Kansas must be used in a manner that is consistent with the mission of the University and reflects favorably on the University. They must promote the University in a uniform manner to protect the University’s reputation, name, and image. Any variances from the standard school colors or University visual identity guidelines must be accompanied by a written rationale from the person making the request. The Graphic Request Form and the procedure outlined above must be used to obtain approval for any variation of University Marks.