Policies and Procedures - 802 Expansion/Curtailment of Programs

Updated 7/05


Kansas Athletics intercollegiate athletics program may be examined periodically with regard to possible sports programs expansion or curtailment. New sports may be added or a present program may be expanded or curtailed based on an evaluation process using the following criteria:

  • NCAA mandate;
  • Title IX Compliance;
  • National trends;
  • Big Twelve Conference and NCAA sponsorship;
  • Availability of facilities;
  • Proximity and quality of available competition;
  • Interest level of participants and spectators;
  • Funding demands, including the related need for support staff and travel;
  • Availability of quality coaches; and
  • History of the sport at the University (e.g., a club sport, intramural sport or prior varsity sport).

The Director of Athletics evaluates and makes recommendations for a program’s institution, expansion or curtailment to the Kansas Athletics Board of Directors. The recommendation should include the following information:

  • Reasoning for the proposed change;
  • Review of a particular sport’s previous win/loss record;
  • Review of a particular sport’s previous financial history (i.e., expenses and revenues);
  • Impact on facilities, as well as staffing; and
  • Estimated cost savings or expense to be incurred.

The Chancellor of the University makes the final decision regarding the Board of Directors’ recommendation.